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Optimize Flutter Workflow on Bitrise

Optimize Flutter Workflow on Bitrise

Flutter Meetup Tokyo #8"でのLT資料です。


Hiroki Matsue

March 26, 2019

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  1. Optimize Flutter Workflow on Bitrise Hiroki Matsue (@macs_6) Mar 26th,

    2019 Flutter Meetup Tokyo #8
  2. This talk is about CI steps time reduction

  3. Target Listeners

  4. Who know this

  5. Faster CI makes devs happier

  6. Reulst on my project Timeout => 9 minutes Just few

    minutes, but Free plan is not so bad ¯\(π)/¯
  7. Flutter CI steps 1. Install Flutter 2. Execute "flutter analyze"

    3. Execute "flutter test" 4. Execute "flutter build" (Android and iOS both)
  8. (Each results were measured with my personal project)

  9. Try "Flutter Install" step optimization

  10. TL;DR: Just wait new Hybrid stack https://discuss.bitrise.io/t/making-flutter-builds-faster/3976/8

  11. What if we cache Flutter? • flutter installation: 137sec 㱺

    2sec (-135sec) • cache-pull: 11sec 㱺 27sec (+16sec) • cache-push: 92sec 㱺 209sec (+117sec) Only remote storage was changed, no time reduction
  12. Try "flutter build" step optimization

  13. TL;DR: Cache following items • ios/Pods/ • $HOME/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData

  14. Pods caching result • flutter build ios: 172sec 㱺 99sec

    (-73sec) • cache-pull: 9sec => 11sec (+2sec) • cache-push: 58sec 㱺 72sec (+14sec) Very effective !
  15. DerivedData caching result • flutter build ios: 140sec 㱺 54sec

    (-86sec) • cache-pull: 15sec => 15sec (+0sec) • cache-push: 85sec 㱺 141sec (+56sec)
  16. Non effective items on my project • build/ • ios/Flutter/

    • ios/.symlinks/ • $HOME/.gradle/ • android/.gradle/ cache-push tooks too long time for .gradle on my project.
  17. References • "60% faster builds: force Xcode to use caching

    on Bitrise!" https://medium.com/@bitrise/60-faster-builds-force-xcode- to-use-caching-on-bitrise-af8979ca39a6 • "Cache Gradle dependencies on Bitrise" https:// medium.com/bitrise/cache-gradle-dependencies-on- bitrise-cf19a2580d07
  18. Faster "flutter analyze" and "flutter test"? Sorry, I have no

    idea now ¯\(π)/¯
  19. Other ideas • Put dependencies to the repo • Use

    build scheduling for long workflows • Pay for Bitrise • Concurrent build for ios and apk
  20. Summary Caching following items, and using new Flutter Hybrid stacks

    will be efficient. • ios/Pods/ • $HOME/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData
  21. Thanks