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Intro to OmniFocus

Intro to OmniFocus

A tiny talk I gave to some folks at Tumblr about OmniFocus.


Matthew Bischoff

July 26, 2015

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  1. Intro to OmniFocus Matthew Bischoff

  2. But first…

  3. Getting Things Done Getting Things Done is a time- management

    method, described in a book of the same title by productivity consultant David Allen. It is often referred to as GTD. © DavidCo 2001
  4. Why?

  5. Pretend your brain is a white board. Is it covered

    with to-do lists and “DO NOT ERASE”? 1 Jessica Kerr
  6. Open loops in a trusted system

  7. Projects A project is any multistep outcome that can be

    completed within one year. Any commitment within that time frame needs to be reviewed at least weekly.
  8. But really, what are projects 1. It has more than

    one physical action. 2. Its projected outcome is valuable, desirable, and well articulated. 3. I understand the project’s desirable outcome. 4. I’ve made some kind of commitment (external or internal)1. 1 43 Folders: A Year of Getting Things Done: Part 1, The Good Stuff
  9. What’s the next action?

  10. Actions An action is a physical thing you can do

    to move a project forward.2 Projects are made of up actions. Each project has a next action. Each action has a context. 2 See also 43 Folders: GTD: Project Verbs vs. Next-Action Verbs
  11. Contexts A context is the physical or psychological environment within

    which reminders and information are most effectively sorted for access. Examples: at home, at the office, high-enegry, at a particular meeting, with a particular person, near a phone, etc.3 3 43 Folders: A GTD: Project Verbs vs. Next-Action Verbs
  12. via Shawn Blanc

  13. None
  14. Demo

  15. Questions?

  16. Links via https://pinboard.in/u:mattb/t:omnifocus 4 GTD in 15 minutes 4 43

    Folders: GTD 4 OmniFocus 2 Review 4 User Manual 4 Using OmniFocus Book 4 Inside OmniFocus 4 A Fresh Take on Contexts