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The Versatile World of GitHub

The Versatile World of GitHub

A presentation given to the Space Apps event attendees in Tampere, Finland. This is a showcase of all the different-than-just-code uses of GitHub in the wild. It include DNA, house maintenance, textbook writing, and 3D modeling.


Matthew McCullough

April 22, 2013

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  1. The Versatile World of GitHub matthewmccull matthewmccullough

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  3. This guy     

  4. Matthew McCullough @matthewmccull

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  6. values creativity

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  8. Suomi

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  10. Easier to work together than alone

  11. Code

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  15. None
  16. Make

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  19. – Arthur C. Clarke The difference between machines and human

    beings is that human beings can be reproduced by unskilled labor.
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  22. "You've got a little boy from out of town that

    would like a tour of the GitHub office. His name is Alexander. Do you have time?"
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  24. hubot: make me a sandwich

  25. None
  26. None
  27. but can we have that?

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  29. None
  30. Coordinate

  31. House on GitHub

  32. None
  33. Write

  34. Laws on GitHub

  35. None
  36. Books on GitHub

  37. None
  38. Explore

  39. DNA

  40. None
  41. Educate

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  43. Textbooks on GitHub

  44. None
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  46. – Donella H. Meadows, Thinking in Systems: A Primer “Remember,

    always, that everything you know, and everything everyone knows, is only a model. Get your model out there where it can be viewed. Invite others to challenge your assumptions and add their own.”
  47. matthewmccull matthewmccullough