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Transylvania JUG Pre-Meeting Announcements

Transylvania JUG Pre-Meeting Announcements

Matthew McCullough presenting to the Transylvania Java Users Group in October of 2011.


Matthew McCullough

October 18, 2011


  1. Welcome to the Transylvania Java Users Group Sponsored by

  2. Git Going! Have you wondered what all the talk is

    about this Git version control system? Why is seemingly everything JBoss, Hibernate, SpringSource, Apache and Eclipse hosted at GitHub.com either as the canonical source code or at a minimum, as a mirror? In this 75 minute session learn what it takes to set up and start using Git, as well as some of the paradigms it rebuilds in this new frontier of distributed version control systems. Live demonstrations will be performed on working with Git from the command line, Eclipse, IntelliJ, and custom GUIs. October 17th
  3. Door Prizes Sponsored by Matthew McCullough GitHub O’Reilly Media October

  4. Door Prizes Digital copy of the O’Reilly Git Master class

    videos http://bit.ly/ogitvid (155 RON) October 17th
  5. Door Prizes Seat in the GitHub Git Online Course http://github.com/training/online

    (630 RON) October 17th
  6. Welcome to the Transylvania Java Users Group Sponsored by

  7. Build Lifecycle Craftsmanship You’ve heard a bit about Maven 3,

    Gradle, Jenkins, Sonar, VisualVM, and BTrace, but are you putting them to use? Are you maximizing what they can offer in terms of standardized project models, faster incremental compiles, automated commit-triggered builds, rapid source code analysis, rich debugging and runtime logging statements? In this intense 75 minute presentation, live demonstrations will be given for all of the latest versions of the aforementioned tools and what they have to offer a highly proficient Java developer. Don’t struggle to get the build out, functioning, and debugged. Develop, build, analyze and deploy smartly and efficiently with a Build Lifecycle Craftsmanship approach and tooling. October 18th
  8. Door Prizes Sponsored by Matthew McCullough O’Reilly Media October 18th

  9. Door Prizes Copy of the printed Gradle book http://bit.ly/gradlebook1 (95

    RON) October 18th
  10. Door Prizes Copy of the printed Jenkins book http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920010326.do (140

    RON) October 18th