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The Big Picture: Responsive Images in Action #devcon13

Matthias Lau
November 07, 2013

The Big Picture: Responsive Images in Action #devcon13

Although responsive designs are already state-of-the-art in web development the whole trend still is in its infancy. When it comes to images, a lot of responsive websites just load the same big image on every viewport. Because of this, people judge responsive design as being detrimental to performance. New markup elements like are under discussion right now but what are the alternatives, what is the best to use right now, and how do they work? I will lead you through the different techniques and polyfills and show you their pros and cons. After this talk you should be able to choose the best fitting responsive image solution for your project.

Matthias Lau

November 07, 2013

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  1. { name: "Matthias Lau", link: "http://laumatthias.de", twitter: "@matthiaslau", hometown: {

    name: "Hamburg, Germany" }, bio: "E-Commerce Freak and Web-Allrounder, love coding, awesome internet concepts, Chrome, Web Frameworks, Evernote, the Apple Multi-Touch Trackpad, Bouldering, Wikipedia and Espresso.", work: { employer: { name: "Jimdo" }, }, }
  2. BACKGROUNDS CSS #iguazu  {        background-­‐image:  url(small.jpg);  

    }   @media  screen  and  (min-­‐width:  601px)  {        #iguazu  {              background-­‐image:  url(medium.jpg);        }   }
  3. <svg  xmlns='http://www.w3.org/2000/svg'>        <title>Iguazu  Waterfalls</title>      

     <style>              @media  screen  and  (max-­‐width:300px){                    svg{                          background-­‐image:url(http://localhost:8010/ responsive_images/img/small.jpg);                    }              }              @media  screen  and  (min-­‐width:301px){                    […]              }        </style>   </svg>
  4. <!-­‐-­‐  use  the  object  tag  for  maximal  browser  support  without

      security  drawbacks  -­‐-­‐>   <!-­‐-­‐  put  the  SVG  data  inline  to  prevent  a  second  HTTP   request  -­‐-­‐>   <object  data="data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg%20viewBox=[…]"   type="image/svg+xml">          <!-­‐-­‐  IE8  fallback  -­‐-­‐>          <!-­‐-­‐[if  lte  IE  8]>          <img  src="medium.jpg"  alt="Iguazu  Waterfalls">          <![endif]-­‐-­‐>   </object>
  5. <picture>          <source  media="(min-­‐width:  601px)"  src="medium.jpg">  

           <source  src="small.jpg">          <!-­‐-­‐  fallback  img  -­‐-­‐>          <img  src="medium.jpg"  alt="Iguazu">          <!-­‐-­‐  alternate  text  -­‐-­‐>          <p>Iguazu</p>   </picture>
  6. <img  alt="Iguazu"                

       src="small.jpg"                    srcset="medium.jpg  1x,  medium-­‐2x.jpg  2x">
  7. <picture>          <source  media="(min-­‐width:  601px)"   srcset="medium.jpg

     1x,  medium-­‐2x.jpg  2x">          <source  src="small.jpg">          <!-­‐-­‐  fallback  img  -­‐-­‐>          <img  src="medium.jpg"  alt="Iguazu">          <!-­‐-­‐  alternate  text  -­‐-­‐>          <p>Iguazu</p>   </picture>
  8. <3

  9. MORE THERE IS EVEN HiSRC Foresight.js Riloadr rwdImages Retina.js Responsive

    Enhance Doubletake Content Aware Resizing https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Al0lI17fOl9DdDgxTFVoRzFpV3VCdHk2NTBmdVI2OXc#gid=0 Mobify..js
  10. https://github.com/andismith/grunt-responsive-images options:  {        sizes:  [    

             {                    name:  "s",                    width:  320,                    quality:  0.6              },              {                    name:  "s",                    suffix:  "x2",                    width:  640,                    quality:  0.6              },          […]                                                    ]   }, files:  [{        expand:  true,        cwd:  'img/',        src:  ['*.{jpg,gif,png}'],        dest:  'img/generated/'   }]
  11. „Don't click this if on a 3G network, it probably

    take forever, just check it out when you get home.“