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Sex, Bugs, and Mobile Phones

Sex, Bugs, and Mobile Phones

Given at the "Tackling Epidemics Face On" evening at Birmingham Pint of Science 2015. Held in the Jekyll & Hyde.

Matt J Williams

May 19, 2015

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  1. Pint of Science 2015 Jekyll & Hyde, Birmingham 18 May

    2015 Sex, Bugs, and Mobile Phones Matt Williams University of Birmingham [email protected] http://www.mattjw.net @voxmjw [Jean-Yves Sgro]
  2. 93%adults in the UK that own a mobile phone 61%

    own a smart phone [Ofcom. 2014]
  3. # sexual partners % people [latora. 2006] Sexual partners in

    Burkina Faso, via interviews & surveys
  4. Cell tower logs... Ivory Coast: 5 million users, 2012 Senegal:

    9 million users, 2013 Not only Bluetooth experiments... ...mobile phone service providers are also providing big support for research