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R + Shiny + AWS

Matt Dancho
October 30, 2019

R + Shiny + AWS

Today is different than yesterday. Businesses now want to Democratize Data, scale decision making across the organization, and run at the speed of light using Apps + Cloud Technology.

This CHANGE is challenging Data Scientists. Cloud + Apps requires a new set of skills and more learning. This NEW CHALLENGE is exactly why I held a webinar yesterday on R + Shiny + AWS.

Because once you learn the skills, you don't need a team to productionalize data science. Just 1 good data scientist that knows enough AWS to stand up Shiny apps.

Matt Dancho

October 30, 2019

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  1. Empower your organization to make decisions at scale with the

    cloud Matt Dancho & David Curry Business Science Webinar R + Shiny + AWS
  2. Agenda • Business Changes ◦ Predictive Apps ◦ Cloud Technologies

    • Change #1 ◦ Predictive Apps • Change #2 ◦ Cloud Service • 3 Technologies & Demos ◦ Frontend ◦ Backend ◦ Deployment • Learning Made Simple ◦ Shiny Developer with AWS Course
  3. Businesses are Shifting To Predictive Web Applications Using Cloud Technologies

    #DataDemocratization #AtScale
  4. Change #1 The Shift To Predictive Apps

  5. Data Science is Changing Descriptive Reports (Excel) Descriptive Dashboards (Tableau)

    Predictive Reports (Jupyter & RMarkdown) Predictive Applications (Dash & Shiny)
  6. ML-App that identifies anomalous payments

  7. RStudio gave us what we need to deliver data science

    applications that our business depends on.” - John Kish, CIO at SafeAuto Insurance
  8. ML-App that performs Traffic Analysis

  9. “Shiny dashboard and visualization development allowed the fastest time to

    market.” - Daniel Marcous, Google, Waze Data Wizard
  10. Change #2 The Shift To Cloud Services

  11. Infrastructure is Changing Servers On Premise (Costly to Scale) Servers

    as a Service (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  12. Microsoft snags hotly contested $10 Billion defense contract, beating out

    Amazon JEDI contract worth up to $10B over 10 years “The contract will provide the Pentagon with cloud services for basic storage and power all the way up to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the ability to process mission-critical workloads."
  13. Global Cloud Index 22% Annual Growth Rate vs -5% Data

    Center Growth
  14. Cloud Players at a Glance • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    - The market leader in enterprise & beyond • Microsoft Azure - 2nd in Popularity; Popular with Enterprise • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Popular with Digital Marketing because of integration with Google Analytics
  15. Problem #1: Cloud is a lot to learn • Compute

    • Databases • Networking • Application Services I will help you navigate this.
  16. Problem #2: Which to learn? • Problem: We don’t know

    what organizations will pick • Solution: Learn 1 Cloud Service. Switching guides make transitioning simple. You learn one cloud, you learn all clouds
  17. What Businesses Now Expect

  18. Business now need apps + cloud 2015 Reports + Servers

    2020 Apps + Cloud
  19. The Plan R + Shiny + AWS

  20. Learn to Flow from Analysis to Application to Cloud Hosting

  21. Learn by building & deploying

  22. Technology #1 Frontend: Shiny + Bootstrap

  23. Frontend Shiny + Bootstrap

  24. Aesthetics: Control Our User Interface

  25. Technology #2 Backend: Databases & Users

  26. Authentication Security & User Management

  27. MongoDB NoSQL Database

  28. Technology #3 Deployment: Cloud

  29. AWS Cloud Hosting Server Cloud

  30. AWS Cloud Hosting • Compute ◦ Amazon EC2 • Networking

    ◦ Virtual Private Cloud ◦ Route 53 • Database ◦ MongoDB Atlas (External to AWS) ◦ FREE DynamoDB Equivalent
  31. Give businesses what they need 2020 Apps + Cloud

  32. A lot to learn Server Cloud

  33. Learning made simple Shiny Developer with AWS

  34. Follow a Step-By-Step Build & Deployment Process Shiny Jumpstart Frontend

    Backend Production
  35. Key Benefits Frontend + Backend + Production Deployment Frontend for

    Shiny - Bootstrap Backend for Shiny - MongoDB - Dynamic UI - User Authentication - Store & Write User Data Production Deployment - AWS - EC2 Server - VPC Connection - URL Routing Shiny Apps for Business (DS4B 202A-R) Web Application Development 6 Weeks
  36. Student Success “The perfect course for learning how to develop

    advanced and amazing looking Shiny web apps.” -Miguel Eersel, Consultant
  37. Student Success “I’m learning something new every day.” -Jonathan Regenstein,

  38. Business Science University Data Science for Business Transformation in 6-Months

  39. Advanced Visualization Advanced Data Wrangling Advanced Functional Programming & Modeling

    Advanced Data Science Visualization Data Cleaning & Manipulation Functional Programming & Modeling Business Reporting Business Analysis with R (DS4B 101-R) Data Science For Business with R (DS4B 201-R) Web Apps & Shiny Developer (DS4B 102-R + DS4B 202A-R) Web Apps Data Science Foundations 7 Weeks Machine Learning & Business Consulting 10 Weeks Web Application Development 12 Weeks -TRACK Project-Based Courses with Business Application Business Science University R-Track
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