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The Art & Science of Healthy Food Pantry Design

Maryland Food Bank
September 24, 2018

The Art & Science of Healthy Food Pantry Design

How nutrition education will transform individuals, families, communities, and our entire state.

Maryland Food Bank

September 24, 2018


  1. The Art & Science of Healthy Food Pantry Design Erin

    Michelle Duru, MHS, RD, LDN, Assistant Director for Programs University of Maryland [email protected] Kathy Egan, RDN, Manager Nutrition Programs Maryland Food Bank [email protected]
  2. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Welcome ü Thank you for your dedication. ü What

    you do really matters. ü You are making a difference! We hope you enjoy this interactive workshop.
  3. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB What is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist? (aka RD/RDN) a)

    That school lunch lady b) Food police – take all the fun out of eating c) One of those white-coated people seen in hospital hallways d) Healthcare professional that may work in clinical setting, food service, community, education, retail/supermarket, public health or other area….
  4. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB What is University of Maryland Extension Office? a) A

    place that exxxxxtennnnnnds stuff b) Movie franchise featuring Masters of the (Garden) Universe c) Isn’t that a phone number? What’s the extension? d) Statewide program that provides nutrition education programs promoting physical activity and healthy eating.
  5. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB 1 2 3 4 5 Agenda Why nutrition matters

    6 Your work changes lives Polling – Q & A Nutrition education activities Share ideas & resources Introductions
  6. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB • Mission: Provide nutrition education programs that assist individuals

    and families in making healthy eating and physical activity choices. • State-Level Goals: – Establish policies, practices, and physical environments that promote healthy eating and physical activity – Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables by low income youth and families – Increase access to fruits and vegetables for low-income youth and families A little about FSNE University of Maryland Extension
  7. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB • Focus Areas in Maryland: – Food Access Sites:

    food banks, pantries, and farmers’ markets – Youth Focused Sites: Schools, preschools, and afterschool/out of school programs • Food Banks and Pantries: – Provide nutrition education resources for clients – Work with staff and volunteers to identify and train on policies, systems, and environmental changes (ie food packaging, marketing, verbal nudging, healthy donations) A little about FSNE University of Maryland Extension
  8. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB • Is Your Pantry Ready to Make (or continue

    to make) Healthy Changes? – Are staff motivated and open to training opportunities? – Does your site have the capacity to make changes? – Is your site willing to make a healthy food procurement or donation policy? • Interested in Learning More About FSNE: – www.extension.umd.edu/fsne (background information) – www.eatsmart.umd.edu (client educational resources, recipes etc.) A little about FSNE University of Maryland Extension
  9. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB • We believe that good nutrition is essential to

    reducing food insecurity • Manager, Nutrition Programs position created Nov 2017 • Coming this year - the first Nutrition Policy for MFB – Simple, overview – Non-judgmental philosophy, meet people where they are – Support healthy choices (not dictate or criticize) • N’EAT – Nutrition Education Activity Team – Currently recruiting nutrition education volunteers A little about FSNE University of Maryland Extension
  10. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Why Nutrition Matters • Many rely on food pantries

    for long periods of time1 • Higher rates of chronic, nutrition-related diseases among low income populations2 • Health, learning and emotions are impacted by poor nutrition3 • Food insecurity, poor health and medical costs are interrelated4 It takes more than food to end hunger
  11. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Your Work Changes Lives • 37 million meals distributed

    annually through MFB Network • Statewide Impact – From the West, through Central, down South and Eastern Shore. MFB works out of Hagerstown, Baltimore & Salisbury Nutrition strategies employed by Food Pantries
  12. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB “Such efforts should focus on making healthy food choices,

    the easy, appealing, and accessible choice at the food pantry.”
  13. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB “We find that placing protein bars at the front

    of the display relative to the end of the display leads to an odds ratio of 2.140… ”
  14. Polling Questions #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB We need your input Greatest Rewards Biggest

    Challenges Network Dream Big Nutrition Policy Volunteers
  15. #CAUSINGCHANGEMFB Fun & Easy Nutrition Education! • Today, we’ll create

    some quick, inexpensive activities • Overview of activities (see packet on table) • Each table has materials to create one activity • 15 minutes • Re-group and share thoughts