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GC portal_en_4-3

93a4fb6dacd2519838dbed9f8cb7bad3?s=47 Megumi
June 22, 2021

GC portal_en_4-3



June 22, 2021


  1. Global Communications Team Supporting global teamwork expansion

  2. Overcoming language barriers Support flow of information to all members

    across all offices, regardless of language Do Don’t Information only reaches to limited members due to language barriers
  3. Overcoming psychological barriers Convey emotions and expectations in an easy-

    to-understand manner Do Don’t Literal and mechanical translation/interpretation
  4. Support mutual understanding Support mutual understanding across different cultures, customs

    and time-zones Do Don’t No attempts made to understand each otherʼs environments
  5. Expand the team circle Do Don’t No opportunities to connect

    with members outside oneʼs own team Create opportunities for connections between members from different offices speaking different languages
  6. Point of contact Miscellaneous Megumi Weider

  7. Point of contact Japanese-English translation Marie Ferguson

  8. Japanese-English interpretation Michael Worku Point of contact

  9. Point of contact Japanese-Vietnamese translation & interpretation Truong Thi Thuy

  10. Point of contact Japanese-Chinese translation & interpretation Chong Li

  11. Please contact us about translation or interpretation! Donʼt forget to

    follow the GC channel and our threads!