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#datalift No 5 introduction for 28 May 2021 by AI Guild

#datalift No 5 introduction for 28 May 2021 by AI Guild


Dânia Meira

May 28, 2021


  1. • Recording and Presentation available • Send your questions on

    the chat • Use #datalift and help us reach a wider audience #datalift Deploy data analytics and machine learning Welcome! #datalift No 5 28 May 2021
  2. #datalift No 5 28 May 2021

  3. #datalift No 5 28 May 2021

  4. Make new personal connections with peers www.thedatalift.eu

  5. Meet our partners in deploying data analytics and machine learning

  6. The COVID-19 pandemic is a very difficult moment It is

    impacting our health, economy, and livelihood and it is spurring the creation of digital data Business and government should seize the one great opportunity we have: Scale the data economy www.thedatalift.eu
  7. Make Season 2 happen! #datalift Support the drive for more

    deployment in Europe by making an AI Guild #datalift event “powered by you"
  8. SEASON 2 DATES: Sep 24, 2021 Nov 26, 2021 Jan

    28, 2022 Mar 25, 2022 May 27, 2022 www.thedatalift.eu/partnership #datalift Grow of the ecosystem of deployment
  9. #datalift is backed by the AI Guild community • 850+

    startup and industry practitioners in data analytics and machine learning. • 150+ senior leaders on industry use cases, training, consultancy, or freelance services. • Thousands of talents ready for a first data role. www.thedatalift.eu
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    with peers www.theguild.ai
  11. The #datalift e-book is available Get it for free today*

    60 pages with insights from the 2 interviews and 10 use cases in production presented by AI Guild members during #datalift No 1 & No 2 Click to download: bit.ly/datalift-ebook *also available for free at any time for Kindle Unlimited subscribers
  12. On the AI Guild team effort for #datalift No 5

    The #datalift campaign and events are the result of a joint effort by the members of the AI Guild. The #datalift website was co-developed by a task force of a dozen members. Likewise, #datalift No 5 on 28 May was co-developed by the AI Guild community, with the core of the use cases coming from members, and the presenters and moderators volunteering to support companies and governments in Europe in learning better and faster how to productionize data analytics and machine learning. If you would like to join this community, please visit theguild.ai For the AI Guild, Dânia Meira and Chris Armbruster www.thedatalift.eu
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