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Putting the Children First - Mags Amond

Putting the Children First - Mags Amond

Did Einstein say 'if you can't explain it simply you don't understand it enough"? Although Coderdojo isn't school or class, an important feature is teaching and learning. You teach - you learn. The needs of the learner are central and need to be planned for. Let's look at some ways to do this.

Michelle Graham

April 13, 2013

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  2. Rules Fixed mindset Growth mindset #1 Above all - look

    clever… Learn, learn, learn #2 “It should come naturally – hard work makes me feel stupid” Work hard – effort is key. The harder I work, the better I get. #3 Hide my mistakes – I can’t cope with failure Capitalise on mistakes, confront deficiencies Mindset – Fixed or Growth? (adapted from Carol Dweck)
  3. Challenge 1- The ‘Giky Martables’ Test 1. What part of

    a giky martable is perfunctory? 2. What do giky martables use their protruberances for? 3. What do giky martables do when their talibands are disard? 4. What do giky martables do to twigs and plants in their path? 5. When do giky martables bimimer their dresarwars? 6. Giky martables macoca and ……in woods and hedges. 7. Giky martables bimimer their dresarwars if the ……rises. The protruberances of the giky martables are perfunctory and enable them to search and easily locate their talibands. When their talibands are disard, they perform this ritual more often, sometimes in groups but more often in pairs or singly. They have even been known to excalibate the twigs and plants in their path, leaving chaos in their wake. In early spring, if the temperature rises, they bimimer their dresarwars, sometimes travelling large distances before they macoca and cafuffle in woods or hedges.