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Onboarding Engineers

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November 15, 2018

Onboarding Engineers



November 15, 2018


  1. Onboarding Engineers @milan_kuveljic Agile Testing Days (Potsdam - November 2018)

  2. ⬒ 100+ engineers - Berlin/Barcelona/New York ⬒ Deploying to production

    120+ times per week ⬒ Building crash-free mobile applications ⬒ Achieving regularly 5 stars in the App/Play Stores ⬒ Having Web app built for accessibility N26 is a tech company building modern banking @milan_kuveljic
  3. Milan Kuveljic Head of Quality Engineering @N26 milan_kuveljic


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  6. Screenshot of my first notebook from sponsorpay

  7. In 2014, BambooHR surveyed 1,000 people and found that 16–17%

    of new hires left between their first week and third month.
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  11. Onboarding is a game of unlocking levels while learning about

    your role in a new organization
  12. The goal is to make a new engineer feel Welcome

    Confident Autonomous @milan_kuveljic
  13. Where do we start?

  14. Prepare a desk Make sure all access is created Create

    introduction sessions Prepare personalised onboarding Welcome your new colleague
  15. Personalised Onboarding Space ⬒ An individual’s place to learn about

    the role, company, technology and processes ⬒ Period of 3 weeks ⬒ Week 1 : access, tools, configuration ⬒ Week 2 : products, processes, small tasks ⬒ Week 3 : pairing, testing, automation frameworks @milan_kuveljic
  16. Day 1 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

  17. Day 1 To feel welcome To get basic access To

    meet their team To hear the company values The goal
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  19. Day 1 Week 1 To learn about the role To

    get familiar with regular events To meet technical leads and learn about the platform To install configure tools To configure access The goal
  20. None
  21. Day 1 Week 1 To learn about products To learn

    about processes To read technical documentation To be involved in plannings To work on a small testing task To write feedback about first weeks Week 2 The goal
  22. None
  23. Day 1 Week 1 To work on a bug ticket

    flow To pair with peers To use automation frameworks To learn about releases To practice continuous testing To celebrate success Week 2 Week 3 The goal
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  25. Day 1 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3

  26. “Feel welcomed to join the organization and prepared for the

    new chapter with smooth process of knowledge transfer from skilled and friendly team members.” Carolyn, Software Engineer in Test
  27. “My onboarding experience was fab because I felt very welcome

    not only in the team but in the organisation as well. Onboarding process was well aligned and in the first week itself I got the feeling that the company I had thought about is really going to fulfill my expectation in terms of culture, tech, team bonding and knowledge sharing .” Karan, Software Quality Engineer
  28. “It was well organised, assigned tasks were fulfilling my role

    and also helped me to proceed further.” Marium, Software Engineer in Test
  29. “My onboarding as SET was a detailed plan which was

    preset, included tools I needed, the documents I needed to read, things I should familiarise with, the sessions I should attend, people proactively setting up meetings with me to give me intro to their domain. It was an effective 3 weeks of plan which was useful for my further work” Sakthi, Software Engineer in Test
  30. Takeaway to your organizations ❏ Onboarding goal is to make

    a new engineer welcome, confident, and autonomous ❏ Personalised onboarding space provides a structured way of learning ❏ Safe environment for learning and practicing ❏ A gift of feedback ❏ Iteration over onboarding process ❏ Success celebration @milan_kuveljic
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