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In the beginning was R Markdown

In the beginning was R Markdown

In this talk I will give a brief review of teaching statistics and data analysis through the lens of reproducibility with R Markdown, and how to use this tool effectively in teaching to maintain reproducibility as the scope of your students' projects and their experience grow.

Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel

February 25, 2021

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  1. #1: Convince researchers to adopt a reproducible research workflow #2:

    Train new researchers who don’t have any other workflow
  2. data analysis - descriptive stats - plots & tables -

    model output write-up - research question & context - interpretations - conclusions lab report copy-paste copy-paste text block data analysis text block data analysis text block + code & output tightly connected + easy to reproduce, update, collaborate + standardised format - unfamiliar format, must learn syntax Word, Google Docs, etc. R Markdown
  3. version control with Git and GitHub for students for educators

    + learn a best practice for reproducibility + get familiar with systems that are widely used in industry and academia + facilitate collaboration and sharing + teach a best practice for reproducibility + centralise the distribution and collection of assignments + enable students to work collaboratively (even when working remotely!)
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  5. and R Markdown continues to facilitate reproducibility, no matter your

    scope and experience… 🔗 bit.ly/begin-rmd