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PHPUK15 - Integrating Communities

Jenny Wong
February 20, 2015

PHPUK15 - Integrating Communities

Is PHP one community or many? Frameworks and CMS's created in PHP are popular enough to have self-sufficient communities, but this can often result in a lack of crossover between communities. The result of the fragmentation can be wasted effort and time as a developer but also a lack of knowledge transfer that extends outside of our own subgroup bubble. This talk will bring some practical suggestions and solutions on how to look outside our comfort zones, widen our technical circles, and ensure that we learn from other people’s mistakes whilst bridging the gap between communities. As a result, we can make our communities more diverse and stronger.

Jenny Wong

February 20, 2015

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  1. Jenny Wong @miss_jwo Human Made Integrating Communities

  2. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 2010 First user group - PHPNW

  3. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 2011 First WordPress project for PHPNW

  4. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 2012 First WordCamp

  5. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 2013 The year I nearly quit

  6. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 2014 No local user groups

  7. So?

  8. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Community Addict

  9. The mocking of the WordPres The mocking of WordPress by

  10. The mocking of the WordPres The mocking of WordPress by

    PHP is like watching my parents having a fight every day.
  11. The mocking of the WordPres The mocking of any technology

    by any one is like watching my parents having a fight every day.
  12. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Broken Home

  13. @miss_jwo #phpuk15

  14. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 A community of people

  15. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Good is relative

  16. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 We can change this - together

  17. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Multi-dimensional problems need multi-dimensional solutions

  18. Events

  19. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Camps

  20. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Conferences

  21. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 User Groups

  22. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Meet Ups

  23. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Avoid putting them on the same dates

  24. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Open Tech Calendar

  25. Inclusiveness

  26. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Invite everyone to the party

  27. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Make the first step

  28. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Words

  29. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 We are able to choose our words, 

    but we are not able to choose the affect they will have on others
  30. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Getting off the Island

  31. Embrace diversity

  32. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Diversity has to be part of the plan,

    not an after thought
  33. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Diversity of technology

  34. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Diversity of tool choices

  35. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Diversity of OS choices

  36. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Diversity of gender

  37. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Diversity of race

  38. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Diversity of background

  39. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Diversity of cyborgs

  40. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Diversity of humans

  41. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Include all people!

  42. People want to learn PHP

  43. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Help teach them!

  44. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Go to their user groups & invite them

    to your community!
  45. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 PHP Mentoring

  46. Want to learn new things?

  47. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Speak Up!

  48. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Ask your local user group to find someone

    to share their knowledge
  49. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 No local user group?

  50. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Start one!

  51. Attitude

  52. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Welcome

  53. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Don’t belittle

  54. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Leave the door open

  55. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Educate

  56. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Support

  57. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Mentor

  58. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Be cheerleaders

  59. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Be respectful

  60. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Be empathetic

  61. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 and guide

  62. Doing this already?

  63. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Amazing! Please share your experiences

  64. Remember

  65. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Yes there are barriers between communities

  66. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 We can improve, one step at a time.

  67. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Multi-dimensional problems need multi-dimensional solutions

  68. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 What solutions do you have?

  69. Thank You joind.in/13379 Jenny Wong @miss_jwo hmn.md

  70. @miss_jwo #phpuk15 Image Sources Slide Source 1 Scott Cresswell -

    Just a face in the crowd https://flic.kr/p/knkntv 7 Willi Heidelbach - Passt 2 http://www.flickr.com/photos/86399392@N00/4471068814 9 - 11 Matt - 51/52 - Fit https://flic.kr/p/j5kLem 13 Richard Pope - Naughty step https://flic.kr/p/5cAYyQ 18 Eric Lynch - Sunset over roller coaster https://flic.kr/p/4wW3oM 20 - 51 NASA/Bill Ingalls - Green Flight, Checkered Flag http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_2074.html 64 David J. Fred - Three variations of Jury mast knot http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Jury-mast-knot-variations.jpg