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Storybook: dev, design, debug and document your UI components

Storybook: dev, design, debug and document your UI components

Marie-Laure Thuret

September 29, 2017

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  1. @mlthuret expect buttons to be disabled currentPage = 1 currentPage

    = 6 and nbPages = 6 A simple pagination component
  2. @mlthuret Tests are failing if differences are spotted between two

    components pictures Visual regression testing
  3. @mlthuret Design Develop Document Debug Discuss Iterate quickly Live documentation

    Add specifications through tests Create a styleguide Share stories Entry points Isolated environment Hot reloading Expose props Isolate bugs Storybook contribution during the developer journey
  4. @mlthuret Add-ons from the community And a lot of others…

    Material-UI Readme Background Internationalisation Specs
  5. @mlthuret Roadmap Playground add-on Theming ability Add-on API refactoring See

    multiple stories in 1 preview Responsive and multi-device viewports preview Automatic story detection