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Defeating the Fear Monster of Public Speaking

Defeating the Fear Monster of Public Speaking

Public speaking is something most people fear, yet it is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. In this talk, I shared with the audience my personal experience in public speaking, how that has changed me, as well as ways people can get started and beat this fear.

This talk was first presented at Girl Geeks Dinner Sydney.


Fiona Chan

April 14, 2015


  1. Defeating the 
 Fear Monster of Public Speaking

  2. @mobywhale

  3. I LOVE public speaking “ - Hardly anyone ever

  4. There are only two types of speakers in the world:

    the nervous and liars. “ - Mark Twain
  5. Glossophobia

  6. 75% of people have glossophobia http://www.glossophobia.com/

  7. Symptoms • Dry mouth • Nausea • Sleep loss •

    Sweaty hands • Increased heart rate
  8. How I began

  9. What if your
 presentation is 
 wrong? Everyone knows

    you know 
 already What if they hate
 your presentation? You’re not
 a good presenter
  10. Everyone already
 knows what I know

  11. FACT: Not everyone knows what you know

  12. Everyone explains things differently

  13. Speak from your own experience

  14. I’m not good at
 public speaking

  15. FACT: No one starts as an expert

  16. None
  17. Practice, Practice, Practice

  18. We all start from somewhere

  19. People might
 hate my 

  20. FACT: Most people are supportive

  21. Focus on the positives

  22. Seek constructive feedback

  23. What if I say the
 wrong thing?

  24. FACT: A lot of the times there is 

    right or wrong

  25. But why 
 should I do it?

  26. Improves
 critical thinking

  27. Pick topic Work out structure Work out content How to

  28. Improves

  29. Explain things in a 
 succinct and engaging way

  30. Explain things in a 
 succinct and engaging way and

    within time limit
  31. Good communication skills
 helps all aspects of life

  32. Builds up your

  33. https://www.flickr.com/photos/nicolastathers/16098664478

  34. Confidence No. of presentations Fiona’s scientifically correct graph

  35. Establishes your

  36. Increase your profile amongst peers

  37. Opens up new opportunities

  38. Employers love it

  39. Very rewarding

  40. Have discussions with likeminded people

  41. Audience learnt something from you

  42. How should I start?

  43. Pick a topic

  44. • Passionate about it • Good for short talk •

    Speak from experience
  45. Present at work
 or meetup

  46. None
  47. http://sydcss.com

  48. http://www.webdirections.org/code15/cfp.html

  49. Practice!

  50. How do I feel about 
 public speaking now?

  51. Will you give public speaking a go now? :)

  52. • https://tinyletter.com/techspeak
 Newsletter with Calls for Proposals and information on

    public speaking, with a focus on technical topics.
 • http://speaking.io/
 List of tips on public speaking
 • http://chriscoyier.net/2013/09/17/speaking-tips/
 Good tips esp if you’re just starting out Resources