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Kubernetes SIG Contributor Experience Deep Dive

Kubernetes SIG Contributor Experience Deep Dive

The Kubernetes Contributor Experience Special Interest Group (SIG) is tasked with developing and sustaining a healthy contributor community. Things like feature velocity, community scaling, mentoring, pull request latency, and more all fall within scope of the SIG. In this talk, we will provide an introduction to SIG Contributor Experience, its role within the project, and dive into the various subprojects that support its mission. Additionally, we will provide a general community update and go over how you can get involved.

Bob Killen

May 01, 2021

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  1. What is the Kubernetes Community #2 OSS project by developer

    activity* #3 project by Pull Requests* Source: devstats Community Stats (March 2021) Contributors 56,000+ Org Members 1,275~ Repos 320~ Pull Requests 195,000+ Slack 120,000+ * As of 2021-01-11 - Ref: CNCF Velocity Report
  2. What we do “The Contributor Experience Special Interest Group (SIG)

    is responsible for improving the experience of those who upstream contribute to the Kubernetes project. We do this by creating, and maintaining programs and processes that promote community health and reduce project friction, while retiring those programs and processes that don't. Being conscientious of our contributor base is critical to scaling the project, growing the ecosystem, and helping the project succeed.” - SIG Contributor Experience Charter
  3. Teams • Events • Contributor Marketing • GitHub Admins •

    Stream Team • Moderators • “Community Managers”
  4. How we do it...subprojects • Community - Owns and manages

    overall community repo, including community group documentation and operations. • Community Management - Manages operations and policy for upstream community group communication platforms. • Contributor Documentation - Writes and maintains documentation around contributing to Kubernetes, including the Contributor's Guide, Developer's Guide, and contributor website. • Devstats - Maintains and updates https://k8s.devstats.cncf.io, including taking requests for new charts. https://git.k8s.io/community/sig-contributor-experience#subprojects
  5. How we do it...subprojects • Events - Creates and runs

    contributor-focused events, such as the Contributor Summit. Event Teams are part of this subproject. • GitHub Management - Manages and controls Github permissions, repos, and groups, including Org Membership. • K8s.io - Creates and maintains shortcuts and automation apps running in the k8s.io domain. • Mentoring - Oversees and develops programs for helping contributors ascend the contributor ladder, including the New Contributor Workshops, Meet Our Contributors, and other programs. • Slack Infra - Creates and maintains tools and automation for Kubernetes Slack. https://git.k8s.io/community/sig-contributor-experience#subprojects
  6. Community Management • Mailing Lists and Calendars ◦ All community

    groups have public meetings with notes ◦ Join the list of the thing you’re interested in • YouTube ◦ Check out youtube.com/kubernetescommunity
  7. Community Management • Community Repo ◦ OWNERs of github.com/kubernetes/community ◦

    “Meta of the meta” - governance documentation, election procedures, values.md, anything steering wants us to oversee or janitorialize. • Zoom ◦ TLDR: Keep your clients up to date • discuss.k8s.io ◦ Community forum with related k8s topics • Moderators ◦ Always looking for experienced mods.
  8. • Broken out as its own subproject! • Manage the

    Kubernetes Contributor Twitter - @k8sContributors • Focused on Contributor focused content and stories • KubeCon NA 2019 Talk on the Marketing Team: Building Better Communication for Kubernetes Contributors with Marketing Contributor Comms (marketing)
  9. Contributors Documentation • Contributor Guide • Developer Guide ◦ Undergoing

    audit and update • Contributor Site ◦ Publish contributor guide, community calendar, release information and more
  10. DevStats • Toolset to visualize GitHub archives (GitHub events) using

    Grafana dashboards • Dashboards have been re-evaluated to support the needs of the community groups.
  11. GitHub Management • Manages and controls Github permissions, repos, and

    groups, including Org Membership. • Kubernetes-incubator Org retired • Working on master -> main default branch rename ◦ k8s.dev/rename - Guide for subproject owners to migrate their repos
  12. Mentoring Prereq - The ladder Subproject Owner - Set priorities

    and approve proposals for subproject - Responsibility and leadership for entire repository/directory Approver - Approve contributions for acceptance - Highly experienced reviewer and contributor in subproject Reviewer - History of reviewing; reviews frequently - Authorship in subproject Member - Active contributor to the project - Sponsored by two Reviewers Non-member Contributors
  13. Mentoring • Programs / Initiatives: ◦ Meet our Contributors -

    AMA with current contributors ◦ Group Mentoring Cohorts - Semi-structured group mentoring initiative with a small group of people ◦ Shadow Programs (Building Teams) - Scalable apprenticeship program ◦ Google Summer of Code (GSoC) - Internship program ◦ Outreachy Internships - Internship Program ◦ New Contributor Workshop - more on this in a bit ESSENTIAL TO OVERALL PROJECT HEALTH
  14. Mentoring - New Contributor Workshop • Formerly an all day

    workshop hosted as a part of the Contributor Summits • Being reworked to be piecemeal and targeted towards online only • Can be found in the future on k8s.dev
  15. Slack infra • Slack tooling has enabled us to manage

    a 120k user Slack • K8s Moderator bot • Announcebot - send messages to any number of channels •
  16. Getting involved...the SIG Meeting • Every SIG/WG/UG has regularly scheduled

    meetings • All meetings are uploaded to the Kubernetes Community YouTube Channel • SIG ContribEx Mailing List ...sometimes we have random hat days too!
  17. Tips on your first SIG Meeting • Find a buddy

    • Volunteer to take notes • Attend regularly • Small, dependable contributions > volunteering for the world • SIGs should have a list of “good first issues” for you to chew on, if they don’t then … start with issue triaging
  18. Where to find us • Chairs ◦ @mrbobbytables ◦ @alisondy

    • Technical Leads ◦ @cblecker ◦ @nikhita • Home page: README link • Slack channel: https://kubernetes.slack.com/messages/sig-contribex • List: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/kubernetes-sig-contribex