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Mail Chimp Groups

Mail Chimp Groups

Shows how you'd add mail chimp subscribers in a list to a specific group that has been defined previously


Michael Caron

April 26, 2012


  1. Adding to a Mail Chimp List • Covers adding existing

    subscribers in a list to an existing group (list subdivision) in Mail Chimp
  2. After logging into Mail Chimp, you’re going to click “Lists”

  3. We’ve got 1 list, “Pack Parents & Leaders”. You’re going

    to be sub-dividing this list into groups. So click “View”.
  4. You’re presented with the overview for the list. Click on

    the number of subscribers link to view the list itself.
  5. On the subscribers page, check all the people that apply

    to your group, then click the “Bulk Actions” link
  6. The link item will turn into a menu from which

    you can hover over sub-menus until you get to your item. In this picture, I’ve hovered over “add to group”, then “Dens”, then “Webelos II”.
  7. Don’t neglect the other subscribers that might be out of

    view. At the bottom of the page is a “pager” which you can use to view the rest of the list.