Cloud Security: There's a Storm Coming

Cloud Security: There's a Storm Coming

This presentation will look at previous security failures of cloud computing deployments by organizations, big and small. By reviewing what has happened in the recent past and leveraging his experience performing security assessments, Mark will discuss the real concerns facing cloud security. This talk will provide challenges, and suggested solutions, to adopting cloud computing technologies and having a great security experience. If your organization is still deciding if "the cloud" is for them, come hear this talk to take a serious look at what's gone wrong…and how to make it right.

In this session you will hear:
• The repercussions of recent cloud security implementation failures
• Examples of common mistakes people make when using some of the most popular cloud services
• What concerns organizations should have for their cloud environments from an attacker's point-of-view
• Guidance on the software and technologies that make cloud computing a safer environment
• Tips on getting your organization to the cloud more safely and/or firm up the security of your existing deployments


Mark Stanislav

May 19, 2015