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A talk on using Backbone together with Handlebars


May 14, 2014

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  1. Handlebones Building an App with Handlebars and Backbone Patrick mulder

    @mulpat Munich Ember Meetup May 2014
  2. Background render UI‘s with Key-Value Observation

  3. Views State Updates Server Sync Changes UI Events DOM Templates

    MV* Keys Values Handlebars
  4. Handlebars mvc_editor To be released at github, inspired by Andrei

  5. App Dependencies Scaffolding And project structure

  6. Simple controls 1 way data binding = Change in state

    -> re-render view
  7. Advanced editing 2 way data binding = •  Change in

    model -> change in view •  Change in input -> change model
  8. Advanced Views •  Start with lists or longer inputs • 

    E.g. the colors
  9. Nested views

  10. References •  http://thinkingonthinking.com/two-way-databinding- with-stickit/ •  http://thinkingonthinking.com/key-value-pairs/ •  https://speakerdeck.com/mulderp/backbone-and- handlebars • 

    https://github.com/FormidableLabs/handlebones •  http://handlebarsjs.com/block_helpers.html