Automate All The Things - Øredev 2019

Df78ed2e647f52dadaac996721a6bdfb?s=47 Nate Ebel
November 06, 2019

Automate All The Things - Øredev 2019

Key takeaways:
- You will learn how to develop a more efficient and enjoyable development pipeline for your team
- You will understand how you can enforce code formatting, styling conventions, and best practices for your team
- You will see how automation can improve the code review process and overall code quality
- You will discover how to improve product quality through automated testing, releases, and issue tracking

Mobile moves fast, and so do you. To meet your deadlines, you want to build the right thing, at the right time; every time. Your continuous integration pipeline allows you to do this, but can it do more? - How can you enforce coding formatting, styling conventions, and best practices? - Do you build everything on every commit? Do you have a daily build or customize your build per branch? - What do you record and analyze? Are your tests passing? Do your screens look correct? Is your apk getting too large? - How do you distribute your apk for testing and release? - How do you track, record, and notify quickly when issues arise? In this talk, you'll what tools are available at every step of the continuous integration pipeline; allowing you to automate as much as possible and dedicate your time to what matters most.


Nate Ebel

November 06, 2019