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How to optimize TableView for Titanium Mobile

B4afc7d853d7f1cb6a253d3c7183c05a?s=47 Naoya Ito
October 29, 2011

How to optimize TableView for Titanium Mobile


Naoya Ito

October 29, 2011

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  1. TableView Naoya Ito How to optimize for Titanium Mobile

  2. HBFav github.com/naoya/HBFav

  3. TableView gotta optimize

  4. use Instruments it's bundled with xcode

  5. None
  6. oops! Red = Blended Layer

  7. "borderRadius" brings up Offscreen-Rendered Yellow. Do not use cornered elements

    on TableView
  8. Scaling Image causes Copied Image & Blended Layer. Use original

    size of the image
  9. All Labels have a transparent background. There is no public

    way to make them opaque...
  10. Hacking Titanium Mobile build/iphone/Classes/TiUILabel.m // override -(void)setBackgroundColor_:(id)color { if ([color

    isKindOfClass:[UIColor class]]) { label.backgroundColor = color; } else { TiColor *ticolor = [TiUtils colorValue:color]; label.backgroundColor = [ticolor _color]; } }
  11. before after achieve a faster & smoother scroll

  12. USE Instruments then remove Blended Layer & Offscreen-Rendering

  13. Thanks! cf. www.fenrir.co.jp/blog/2011/10/ios-animation-tuning.html Design inspired by: zachholman.com/posts/slide-design-for-developers/