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Japanese IT community is growing

Japanese IT community is growing

Closing talk of 2020 COSCUP-OSC Tokyo track TR412-2

Naruhiko Ogasawara

August 02, 2020

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  1. COSCUP 2020 OSC Tokyo track closing: Japanese IT community is

    growing Naruhiko Ogasawara Twitter: @naru0ga Facebook: naruoga Telegram: @naruoga
  2. Japanese IT “industry” • Is growing…? • Good old day:

    we only had to think about the Japanese market, because were so many people in Japan who had money • But nowadays, the “lost 20 years” ( 失われた 20 年 ) have left the Japanese relatively poor, and it is difficult to do business big enough for the Japanese market alone • And IT is not only software, but Japan isn’t a hardware-vendors’ heaven any more (except some special cases)... • We need to compete in the global marketplace • And also need to collaborate with global partners
  3. Italo Vignoli, “LibreOffice, the many different faces of a global

    community” LibreOffice Asia Conference 2019 Tokyo https://www.youtube.co m/watch?v=QS-Zz-2ovo0 &list=PLaQzK7Tg6raZqFkS teARV7J_RkRtukYO6
  4. Hope is Japanese IT “Community” • Open Source is developed

    all over the world and can be used by anyone in the world, so in order to create value with it, we need to participate and share it on a global level • It's hard to accomplish that individually or in each organization independently • Only a cross-sectional “community,” unrelated to participants organization, can do that • All of us here already know that's importance
  5. We can say “Japanese IT Community is growing” • Recently,

    there are more IT community events in Japan which attract many people • PyCon JP • RubyKaigi • CloudNative Days • Open Source Conference ☜
  6. Open Source Conference • Japanese most famous OSS event series,

    known as OSC • Speakers of this track is from OSC • Hosted by OSPN, Open Social People Network • A Japanese community of people brought together by technical curiosity, focusing on Open Source • Each participant may have a different goal – They can simply enjoy themselves based on what they get, or they can make money, or else
  7. COVID-19 situation • In this situation, it is hard to

    gather in person • It’s sad, because in person communication is worth… • But it is also a good opportunity • Because we've learned that it's easy to meet virtually across countries and regions • As this virtual COSCUP-OSPN (OSC Tokyo) sessions did
  8. “Ok, it’s good, I can join anywhere worldwide, I’m happy!”

    … Really​ ? • In my opinion, the value of working together in Asia is greater now, that we can virtually attend any conference in the world • Close to the time zone • Similar culture • Sometimes share same problem which is hard to understand for western people – Like CJK handling • This strong relationship will help to growth each local IT communities as globally
  9. COSCUP – OSPN • Is a great place to Asian

    people (esp. Taiwanese and Japanese) gathers • It's important to start and continue these interactions • Thanks Masafumi Ohta-san, COSCUP organizers, volunteers, speakers, participants who let this track be here • Let's figure out what we all can do to keep it going next year and beyond! – Then next time, let's make time for Ohta-san to get a good night's rest