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Ignite DevOps Days Pittsburgh

Ignite DevOps Days Pittsburgh

Slides from an ignite talk at DevOps Days Pittsburgh.

Nathen Harvey

May 29, 2014

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  2. Ignite talks 20 slides 5 minutes 6 stories

  3. • Community Director • Co-host of the Food Fight Show

    Podcast • @nathenharvey Nathen Harvey
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  6. Best Practices - Infrastructure as Code •Embrace the uncertain path

    to certain delight
  7. Stages of Learning - Shuhari • Shuhari - first learn,

    then detach, and finally transcend • shu - "obey" - traditional wisdom • ha - "detach" - break with tradition • ri - "separate" - transcend
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  9. Walk This Way • “Oh, hell no! This is hillbilly

    gibberish” • “I don’t understand this code” https://www.morrisonhotelgallery.com/photo/default.aspx?photographID=7360 http://www.mikethefanboy.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Aerosmith-005.jpg • “What the hell are they doing to our song?” • “It works fine on my machine”
  10. Walk This Way The 80s: The Decade That Made Us

  11. Quit Your Job! •It’ll be OK •Be active in the

    community •Step out of the echo chamber •Step out of your comfort zone
  12. You are responsible... •For your learning •For your development •For

    your career •For your teammates •For lots of important things
  13. ...but you’re not alone •Find a mentor •Lean on your

    peers •Mentor someone •Give back
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  15. API First!

  16. To Do •Put dev and ops in the same room

    •Take a whole-systems view of your technology platform •Reinforce culture with technology, and vice versa •Take responsibility •Trust your teammates
  17. To Stop Doing •Mislabeling things •Hoarding information •Looking for someone

    to blame •Waiting for someone else to transform your business
  18. Culture & Tools

  19. Stories •Incident Management •Naming Things •Best Practices •Being a generalist

    •Quit your Job •Tools Matter
  20. Thanks! •@nathenharvey •bit.ly/farmer-nathen