Knowledge Makes Change - Supporting Bilingual Families

Knowledge Makes Change - Supporting Bilingual Families

The Knowledge Makes Change seminar series aims to inspire and be informative on ‘what works’ for young children and their families to ensure the best possible outcomes. It forms part of NCB’s work in Jersey and is delivered in partnership with the Jersey Child Care Trust.

On 12 October 2017, Nabial Sohail gave an exciting and interactive session on Support Bilingual Families as part of our Jersey programme.

Nabiah Sohail is a Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist who has a love for multiculturalism and promoting multilingualism. She believes that everyone should have access to high quality services regardless of their cultural and linguistic background. Nabiah is multilingual being able to speak, read and write Urdu and has spoken language skills in Hindi and Punjabi.
Nabiah has worked across a range of clinical areas throughout inner London, been a Teaching Fellow at University College London and is Chair of the London Bilingualism Clinical Excellence Network. Nabiah is passionate about proving that Speech and Language Therapy works and that services can and must show that they are effective and worthwhile. In 2012 Nabiah received The Sternberg Award for Clinical Innovation for her work in Outcome Measures which Nabiah has presented across the country.


NCB Early Years

October 12, 2017