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Wharton Discussion

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October 18, 2013

Wharton Discussion



October 18, 2013

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  1. The  Construc-on  of  the  “Holy  Land”:     Past  and

     Present     Annabel  Wharton,  “Spectacularized   Jerusalem”  from  Selling  Jerusalem,   pp.  189-­‐233.      
  2. Your Experience… Have you ever been to Jerusalem or The

    Holy Land Experience?
  3.   What  are  some  dis-nc-ons  between   theme  parks  and

     shrines  or  pilgrims   and  tourists?    
  4. The  Holy  Land  Experience,  Orlando,  FL  

  5. What  quali-es  of  shrines,  theme   parks,  pilgrims,  or  tourists

     do  you  see   in  the  Holy  Land  Experience?  
  6. What is Spectacle? Scenes from The Holy Land Experience, Orlando,

    FL “Spectacle  is  a  performance  that  demands  aSen-on,  but  refuses  reciprocity;  it  is  a   display  that  avoids  local  content,  but  produces  a  local  effect.    Spectacle  is  poli-cs  or   ideology  that  pretends  to  be  entertainment;  t  is  the  theatrical  figura-on  of  capital   and  an  expression  of  its  excesses.    When  spectacle  seems  safe,  it  is  probably   dangerous;  when  spectacle  seems  dangerous,  it  certainly  is.”  (190)  
  7. Authenticity… What is it? Why is it important? How is

    something judged authentic?  
  8. Rev.  William  M.  Thompson:  “Jerusalem,  as  I   see  it

     this  morning,  is  all  I  could  desire,  and,  if  a   nearer  acquaintance  is  going  to  disappoint  and   disgust,  let  me  not  enter,  but  depart  from  this   ‘Mount  of  Ascension’  carrying  away  the  picture   already  imprinted  on  my  heart.”    [Viewing   from  a  distance  but  not  close  up]   William  Mason  Turner:  “On  account  of  this   ubiquity  of  holy  objects  and  curiosi-es,  the   whole  church  and  its  wonders  necessarily   appear  as  a  sham,  and  the  high  religious  aw   with  which  we  should  view  these  wonders,   subsides  into  a  stoical,  indifferent  credulity,   which  plainly  express  our  opinion  of  everything   shown  us,  as  humbug.”   How  do  these  viewpoints  complicate  the  no-on  of  authen-city?    
  9. Photographic  Panorama  of  Jerusalem,   early  20th  century  

  10. Panoramic  Engraving  of  Jerusalem,  Scanned  from  reprint  of  1841/1852  

    edi-ons  of  "Extraordinary  Popular  Delusions  and  the  Madness  of   Crowds"  by  Charles  Mackay.  
  11. Holy  Land  Experience,  Map.  

  12. Jerusalem  Model  (“Jerusalem  69  AD”),  The   Holy  Land  Experience,

     Orlando,  FL