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The importance of data communication & visualization

The importance of data communication & visualization

WSO2's story of taking data to screen


Nuwan Bandara

August 20, 2013

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  1. The importance of data communication & visualization WSO2's story of

    taking data to screen Nuwan Bandara Technical Lead & Product Manager 08/20/2013
  2. A Connected Story ❏ Heterogeneous enterprise systems ❏ A connected

    world ❏ Connected business ❏ Business intelligence ❏ Competitive advantage
  3. Isolated Data ❏ Every IT system generate considerable amount of

    data ❏ Logs ❏ Transaction details ❏ Audit trails ❏ Access logs ❏ Data to information transition is not optimum ❏ Information presentation is not thought through ❏ Building presentations is a cumbersome process
  4. A unified data story ❏ Data warehousing ❏ WSO2 BAM

    as a solution ❏ Analyzable transaction information, audit trails and logs ❏ On demand presentation
  5. Data is Worthless if You Don't Communicate It ❏ Downside

    of Big Data ❏ Pain in data retrieval ❏ Communication through presentation / user experience ❏ Fine tuning each hop (from data dumping to presentation)
  6. Engaging User Experiences ❏ The first impression ❏ The interactiveness

    ❏ Intuitiveness ❏ User experience ❏ Personalization http://www.info-design.net/laborbuch/2010/10/user-experience/
  7. Rapid UI development ❏ Businesses communication via data presentation ❏

    Changing business needs, require views of new dimensions ❏ Presentations need to be created by the business users ❏ Simple dashboards or complex views
  8. Role based views ❏ Permission based filtering ❏ Role based

    presentation ❏ Personalization http://www.flippersitedeveloper. com/CMS/Features/UsersRolesSecurity/UserRolesSecurity/
  9. Discovery ❏ Enterprise store integration ❏ Discovery via a social

  10. Case

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