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Thematic mapping with free software PhilCarto

Thematic mapping with free software PhilCarto

Kazimierz Zaniewski, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

In addition to ArcGIS and other major mapping software packages, there are several less known but fairly powerful programs designed for generating high quality thematic maps. One of them is PhilCarto, a free software developed and maintained by a French geographer at the University of Bordeaux. This mapping software is capable of producing all major types of thematic maps, including choropleth, proportional symbol, bar graph, pie chart, dot density, flow, 3-D surface, and gravity maps. It also has a set of statistical tools for mapping the results of exploratory data analysis, including ternary diagrams and regression, factor, and cluster analyses. The PhilCarto cartographic output is of very high quality and can be exported to illustration software for final touches. A companion to PhilCarto is PhilDigit, a boundary creation (digitization) and manipulation software. It can import and export ArcGIS (shapefiles) and MapInfo (mif/mid) boundary files.

NACIS 2014


Nathaniel V. KELSO

October 10, 2014


  1. Thema&c  mapping  with   free  so3ware  PhilCarto   Kazimierz  (Casey)

     J  Zaniewski   Geography  and  Urban  Planning   University  of  Wisconsin  Oshkosh  
  2. PhilCarto  and  PhilDigit  

  3. None
  4. PhilCarto:  Boundary  and  Data  Files  

  5. PhilCarto:  Variables  for  Mapping  

  6. Choropleth  and   Propor*onal   Symbol  Map  

  7. Colors  and  Hatches  

  8. Data  Classifica&on  

  9. Choropleth  Maps  

  10. Pie  Chart  Maps  

  11. Propor&onal  Symbol  Maps  

  12. Propor&onal  Symbol  Maps  

  13. Dot  Density  Maps  

  14. Isarithmic  (Trend  Surface)  Maps  

  15. Flow  Maps  

  16. “Sea  Urchin”  Maps  

  17. Isarithmic  Maps  

  18. Gravity  Maps  

  19. Ternary  Diagram  

  20. Regression  Analysis  

  21. Hierarchical  Cluster  Analysis  

  22. Factor  Analysis  

  23. PhilDigit   Boundary  Import  

  24. PhilCarto  and  PhilDigit     •  Strengths   –  Free

     so3ware   –  Easy  installa&on   –  Large  selec&on  of   thema&c  maps   –  Import  of  ArcGIS,   MapInfo  and  text   boundary  files   –  High  quality  exported     images   •  Weaknesses   –  One  person’s  so3ware   –  Limited  ability  to   generate  bivariate  maps   –  Limited  choice  of  colors   for  classifica&on   schemes   –  Very  limited  tolerance   for  making  errors   –  Limited  boundary   manipula&on  tools  
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