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Hackbright Sun Finder Project Highlights

Hackbright Sun Finder Project Highlights

Presented high-level demo of Hackbright final project, Sun Finder. Slides provide architecture overview.


Melanie Warrick

August 09, 2013


  1. Hackbright Project: Sun Finder Melanie Warrick nyghtowl.io @nyghtowl github.com/nyghtowl

  2. Sun Finder Overview • Micro-climate weather search solution • San

    Francisco biased • Full stack, web application • RESTful APIs, Postgres, Python, Flask, and Javascript @nyghtowl
  3. Sun Finder Structure & Resources Location Coord Flask API API

    API Controller Model View Neighborhood or SQLAlchemy & Json Jinja Json @nyghtowl JavaScript
  4. Melanie Warrick nyghtowl.io @nyghtowl github.com/nyghtowl Sun Finder Screenshots at.. nyghtowl.github.io