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Swarrot - A library to consume them all

Swarrot - A library to consume them all

Lightninh talk about Swarrot given at sfLive Paris 2014.

Olivier Dolbeau

April 07, 2014

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  1. Swarrot A library to consume them all

  2. To consume what?? Messages

  3. From where ? Any broker !

  4. Yeah, it’s about asynchronous tasks! Because asynchronous is good u

  5. There is 2 actors • Producer • Consumer

  6. Swarrot What it really is.

  7. An open source library • License: MIT • https://github.com/swarrot/swarrot •

    Started 1 month ago
  8. How it works Just listen

  9. Create a message provider

  10. Create a processor

  11. OK, you’re done! Consume!

  12. WAIT!!! That’s not all!

  13. It’s all about decoration!

  14. Some processors And what they do!

  15. ExceptionCatcherProcessor You just see it! Useful in prod env only.

  16. InstantRetryProcessor Something wrong happened? OK, try again! Useful for API

  17. SignalHandlerProcessor You don’t want to stop your consumer immediately if

    they are working! A must have!
  18. Others • AckProcessor • MaxExecutionTimeProcessor • MaxMessagesProcessor • RetryProcessor •

  19. Who started this? Me! Web architect @odolbeau

  20. But I’m not alone! • Rémy Lemeunier (remyLemeunier) • Grégoire

    Pineau (lyrixx) • Willy Morin (kaiska) • Yohan Giarelli (yohang) THANK YOU!
  21. Feel free to contribute!

  22. One more thing!

  23. It’s already used in production!

  24. Thank you!