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The Modern Front End Developers Toolkit

The Modern Front End Developers Toolkit

Adam Onishi

May 07, 2014

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  1. “a set of tools, especially one kept in a bag

    or box and used for a particular purpose.” What? @onishiweb
  2. “[Front End development] is BIG. You just won't believe how

    vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.” Why? @onishiweb
  3. Tools @onishiweb Sublime Text Gulp Notepad++ Git Grunt Atom WebStorm

    Sass JSHint Live Reload Coda Composer Transit.js jQuery Visual Studio iTerm Bower Espresso Dev Tools Adobe Edge Code Mixture Codekit Pen & Paper Photoshop Sketch Yeoman LESS Bit Bucket Git Tower Parallels BBEdit PHP Storm Drush FireBug VMWare CodeIgniter Illustrator Emmet Node Foundation SkyFonts Middleman Bourbon MAMP NPM Colorzilla Snagit Dropbox Measureit SourceTree Autoprefixer Jenkins WordPress Console2 iOS Simulator Jade Divvy Hammer Transmit Simplenote Alfred Foundation Vim Compass Modern.ie SVN jQuery UI Dreamweaver NetBeans Brackets Jekyll GhostLab xScope Fireworks https://storify.com/onishiweb/front-end-tools
  4. Tools @onishiweb ‣ JSHint ‣ Uglify ‣ Concatenation ‣ Compass

    ‣ ImageOptim ‣ RequireJS ‣ Autoprefixer ‣ QUnit ‣ Live Reload ‣ Connect
  5. Git GUIs Tools @onishiweb ‣ Git Tower ‣ Github for

    Mac ‣ Gitbox ‣ SourceTree ‣ SmartGit
  6. Tools @onishiweb ‣ jQuery ‣ AngularJS ‣ Backbone ‣ Flight

    ‣ Knockout.js ‣ Ember.js ‣ Meteor ‣ Node ‣ MooTools ‣ Kendo
  7. Tools @onishiweb ‣ WAVE ‣ AChecker ‣ Mozilla Accessibility Evaluation

    Toolbar ‣ Cynthia Says ‣ Colour Contrast testers
  8. Tools @onishiweb ‣ WordPress ‣ Squarespace ‣ Perch ‣ Drupal

    ‣ Jekyll ‣ Middleman ‣ ModX ‣ Joomla! ‣ Shopify ‣ Koken
  9. “All of these things are power tools used by experts,

    and power tools in the hands of beginners is sometimes a very bad idea” - Christian Heilmann @onishiweb How many?
  10. "Build what it is you want to build and learn

    as you go" http://themakersofthings.co.uk/ - Mike Chrisp, SMEE Member @onishiweb How many?