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Introduction to Swiftlane

Khoa Pham
February 18, 2022

Introduction to Swiftlane

Introduction to Swiftlane

Khoa Pham

February 18, 2022

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  1. Introduction to Swiftlane Khoa Pham @onmyway133 onmyway133.com

  2. nomad https://github.com/nomad cuptertino: App Dev Center shenzhen: Building ipa houston:

    push notification venice: IAP dubao: passbook nashville: iTunes Connect
  3. fastlane https://fastlane.tools/ sigh: provisiong profiles produce: create apps boarding: beta

    testers scan: run tests gym: build deliver: screenshots & metadata spaceship: AppStore Connect APIs
  4. No small feat ! ENV, SharedValues, ensureenvvars ! Remember how

    ! Dependencies ! Ruby stack ! Swift ! Type safe ! Swift Package Manager
  5. Puma https://github.com/pumaswift/puma ☑ Combine + SwiftUI + resultBuilder ☑ Swift

    Package Manager ♥ Gabriel, Besar, Frederik
  6. Puma Workflow { RunScript() .content("echo hello") Build() .project("MyApp") .scheme("Production") Slack()

    .token(SLACK_TOKEN) .send(message: ...) }
  7. Swiftlane https://github.com/onmyway133/Swiftlane ! async/await ! Agrs ! AppStore Connect

  8. Args -key=value -key value --key=value --key value -key1 value1 -key1

    value2 order matters
  9. async/await let result1 = try await action1.run() let result2 =

    try await.action2.run(result1)
  10. Swiftlane var workflow = Workflow() workflow.directory = Settings.fs .homeDirectory() .appendingPathComponent("Projects/swiftlane/Examples/MyApp")

    workflow.xcodeApp = URL(string: "/Applications/Xcode.app")
  11. Swiftlane guard let issuerId = Settings.env["ASC_ISSUER_ID"], let privateKeyId = Settings.env["ASC_PRIVATE_KEY_ID"],

    let privateKey = Settings.env["ASC_PRIVATE_KEY"] else { return } let asc = try ASC( credential: AppStoreConnect.Credential( issuerId: issuerId, privateKeyId: privateKeyId, privateKey: privateKey ) )
  12. AppStore Connect https://github.com/onmyway133/AppStoreConnect ! OpenAPI specification ! Json Web Token

  13. How to run Swiftlane import Swiftlane —Executable Swift Package —MacOS

    Command Line Tool application