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ONOS Summit: Demo 2 -SDN-IP

ONOS Project
December 12, 2014

ONOS Summit: Demo 2 -SDN-IP

ONOS Summit: Demo 2 -SDN-IP
Presented by: Luca Prete and Jono Hart, ON.Lab

ONOS Project

December 12, 2014

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  1. SDN-­‐IP   Connect  your  SDN  to  the  outside  world  

    Jonathan  Hart,  Pingping  Lin,  Luca  Prete,  Pavlin  Radoslavov  
  2. SDN-­‐IP        What  is  it?   •   

     SDN-­‐IP  is  an  applica@on  running  on  top  of  ONOS          Features   •      It   allows   your   SDN   to   scale   and   connect   to   the   rest   of   the   Internet     •     Let  your  SDN  becoming  a  transit  network     •     You  can  migrate  your  exis@ng  network  to  SDN  incrementally     •     You  can  scale  your  SDN  control  plane    
  3. SDN-­‐IP  Architecture   ONOS  1   ONOS  2   SDN-­‐IP

     2   BGP   speaker  1   BGP   speaker  2   SDN-­‐IP  1   ONOS   Control  plane   BGP  routes   ONOS  intents   OpenFlow  entries   SDN  Network   External   Network   External   Network   External   Network   External   Network   SDN-­‐IP  2   SDN-­‐IP  1  
  4. ONOS  distributed  with  Mininet  cluster  edi@on   Facility  offered  by

      a  Cloud  SP  
  5. Live  demo  

  6. SDN-­‐IP  2   (Backup)   BGP   Speaker  2  

    Network  1   to   Network4   Network  2     To   Network  3   1   2   3   4   SDN-­‐IP  2   (Primary)   SDN-­‐IP  1   (InacNve)   SDN-­‐IP  1   (Primary)   SDN-­‐IP  3   (Backup)   BGP   Speaker  1   BGP   Speaker  3  
  7. Conclusions          SDN-­‐IP  today   •   

     Transforms  your  SDN  into  a  transit  network,  enabling  the              communica@on  between  external  networks     •     Makes  the  transiNon  to  SDN  smoother  and  easier          Coming  soon   •     SDN  network  hosts  (routers)  communica@ng  with  external          networks   •     BGP  Confedera@ons   •     Deployments        
  8. Internet2  deployment  

  9. “SoQware-­‐defined   networking   can   radically   reshape  

    the   wide   area   network.   The   introduc@on  of  ONOS  provides  another  open  source  SDN  op@on  designed  for  service   provider   networks   with   the   poten@al   to   deliver   the   performance,   scale,   availability   and  core  features  that  we  value”     John  Donovan   Senior  Execu@ve  Vice  President   AT&T  Technology  &  Opera@ons   BUILD   USE   CHAMPION   Learn  more  about  ONOS  and  join  the  community  at   onosproject.org