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A new software ecosystem for trusted, traceable & transparent ontological knowledge

September 22, 2021

A new software ecosystem for trusted, traceable & transparent ontological knowledge

Presentation made at the Workshop "Semantic web and Blockchain", part of the European Blockchain Week 2021.

ONTOCHAIN - A new software ecosystem for trusted, traceable & transparent ontological knowledge
At the meeting point between the Semantic Web and Blockchain


September 22, 2021

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    Location Date ONTOCHAIN A new software ecosystem for trusted, traceable & transparent ontological knowledge EU Blockchain Summit - 22/09/2021 Caroline Barelle, PhD. ONTOCHAIN NGI Coordinator European Dynamics At the meeting point between the Semantic Web and Blockchain
  2. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 2 ONTOCHAIN ONTOCHAIN was launched in September 2020

    to empower innovators and end users through 3 Open Calls to develop blockchain-based knowledge management solutions that will be part of a novel software ecosystem for a better share of knowledge and value. ONTOCHAIN - Trust traceable and transparent ontological knowledge on blockchain, is a European project funded by the European Commission under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, and part of the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative. 2  OC1 Research : Design  OC2 Protocol suite and software ecosystem foundations : Implementation  OC3 Application and experimentation : Deployment
  3. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU ONTOCHAIN 7 CORE PARTNERS Experts in among others

    in  Semantic Web,  Linked Data,  Ontology engineering,  Blockchain interoperability,  Knowledge management,  Distributed and decentralised computing,  Business models for trusted knowledge …
  4. 4 TODAY’S INTERNET CHALLENGES The internet of the future should

    be more resilient, trustworthy and sustainable. 4 The success of the Internet lied in free speech, open innovation & Interoperability ONTOCHAIN approach is to leverage sementic web and blockchain assets to built as a distinct added value for the next generation internet: -Trustworthy data and services exchange -Trustworthy content handling However Growing concerns that openess, trustworthyness, privacy and security are being threatened by the quest for high performance and profit Multiple threat have been identified when people interact with online services :  Unknown provenance of information  Anonimity in favor of criminal activities  Personal privacy violation & personal data exploitation  Biases in AI algorithms  No fair rewards for quality contribution  Spread of fake news  Centralisation of power Existing problems of misuse of information can soon achieve even more dangerous level !
  5. 5 SEMENTIC WEB 5 BLOCKCHAIN Set of technologies that focus

    on data, i.e., how they are described, modelled, and linked. A technology that aims at storing data and share such data among a set of peers, who validate the content without the intervention of a third-party services. Trustworthiness is achieved by standardised storage and ontologies (shared conceptualisation) on one hand as well as on the other hand by the decentralisation and data immutability (shared ledger) ONTOCHAIN
  6. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU 6 6 ONTOCHAIN FRAMEWORK Mapping according to the

    3 open calls ONTOCHAIN Third Parties are present at EBW  GraphChain, MakoLab  POC4COMMERCE, Uni. of Catania  DART, Uni. of Padova  KNOWLEDGE X, Jaden X GmbH  HIBI Datarella GmbH

    ONTOCHAIN FRAMEWORK 7 Project Main Results Feature supported Other to mention OntoSsiVault Horizontal SDK SSI Store and manage credentials HIBI Horizontal SDK SSI EiD based credentials CopyrightLY Vertical microservices Authorship and reuse Defines utility token KnowledgeX Vertical microservices Data privacy Also matchmaching and other services REPUTABLE Vertical microservices Reputation management Defines utility token GraphChain Semantic data base Integration of semantics in blockchain POC4COmmerce Ontologies E- commerce ontologies Tokens and exchange mechanism
  8. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU CONCLUSION 8 As future work:  Define the

    ONTOCHAIN architecture in more depth with detailed API among the different components and implementation details.  Demonstrate prototype implementations of exemplary distributed applications enabled by the proposed platform
  9. | ONTOCHAIN.NGI.EU CONCLUSION 9 At the end, ONTOCHAIN will deliver

    a complete software ecosystem and novel, ambitious Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) applications in areas such as :  trustworthy web and social media  trustworthy crowdsensing  trustworthy service orchestration  decentralised and unsupervised online social networks  … Successful : if this ecosystem of innovative applications is widely and sustainably adopted by vital sectors of the European economy. That is our intention!
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    /channel/UCcF7Ovd99lOKcjMGQdnhIvA Thank you! Special acknowledgement to all ONTOCHAIN partners and third parties