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Denver New Tech talk - October 2014

Denver New Tech talk - October 2014

5 minute talk giving an overview of our business.

Alan Robertson

October 16, 2014

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  1. Our Customers

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  2. Why They Love What We're Doing

    Agility – ability to act quickly

    Visibility - finds things everyone missed
    – Information always up to date

    Effectiveness - knowledge is power

    Continuous Security Monitoring

    Diagnose problems / minimal noise

    No special network/security permissions

    Works with real, virtual and cloud systems

    Extremely scalable / Near-zero configuration
    Everyone sleeps better

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  3. Competition

    Integrate CMDB &
    comprehensive monitoring


    Continuous Discovery


    Doesn't trigger security alarms

    Minimal network load

    Extreme scale

    Open Source
    We're Better Because

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  4. Create Graph Model CMDB
    Monitor Services, Systems & Security

    Servers & Services


    All IP & MAC addresses



    Installed Software

    Much more - anything

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  5. Here's How It Works

    Reliable “No News Is Good News” using agents

    Central system delegates nearly all work to Agents

    Agents monitor selves and two neighbors

    Listen for Configuration Packets

    Look at Network-Facing applications on systems

    Send Only Changes to Central System

    Actions triggered by changes

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  6. Are you that guy or gal?

    IT Security professional

    System Administrator/Engineer/Planner

    Network Administrator/Engineer/Planner

    IT Management
    Or maybe you know one...
    If so, we want to talk

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  7. Portion of my Home Network
    (vision test)

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