Demystifying web cache by Kristian Lyngstøl

Demystifying web cache by Kristian Lyngstøl

This talk will discuss caching from app server to web browser. Subjects like s-maxage vs. max-age, little known obscurities around the Vary header and more will be covered. The talk focuses on using simple, safe strategies that don't lead to information leakage even when things go wrong. There will be some Varnish-specific tips and tricks.

Kristian has been breaking things and fixing them again for most of his life. He's a C, Java, AWK, perl, python and misc programmer and spends his day working with Varnish Cache. He wrote most of the Varnish Book used for professional Varnish training because someone had to do it.

OWASP Montreal Hangout - February 28th

Full video of the presentation :


OWASP Montréal

February 28, 2013