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Massive Online Learning Challenges

Massive Online Learning Challenges

Presented at SXSWedu 2016. This panel from Code.org and Khan Academy talked about three MOLCs and what we learned from running them.

Pamela Fox

March 10, 2016

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  6. A grassroots movement fueled by 200 partners, 200,000 teachers, in

    all 196 countries
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  9. What can you learn in an hour?

  10. Confidential – Do not share without permission from Khan Academy

  11. Confidential – Do not share without permission from Khan Academy

  12. Confidential – Do not share without permission from Khan Academy

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  17. 200 million hours served 198,000 organizers

  18. In just 1 week:

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  20. Teacher impact 18% went on to start teaching CS after

    a previous Hour of Code
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  23. Initial signs of LearnStorm impact 6M 92% Of learners felt

    that their math skills improved as a result of participation in LearnStorm 2015 “I set them all to work [on LearnStorm, and] watched in amazement as they dug in and fought their way through new concepts.” --Jenny Ellison, teacher at Phillips Elementary 60+ Median minutes of learning time per student “The three things I like about LearnStorm are: it pushes you to work harder, and second, I am better at math. Finally, I love everything about it.” --LearnStorm Student Total minutes of learning time in one week PRELIMINARY RESULTS
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  25. 57% N/A (4% of all students in entire country are

    participating in LearnStorm) 41% LearnStorm in Low-Income Communities 50% Percent of students from low-income schools (as of 2/15/2016)*: * Defined as schools where 50%+ of students are eligible for the Free or Reduced Lunch program PRELIMINARY RESULTS
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