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Kotlin in production for 2 years, my learnings

Kotlin in production for 2 years, my learnings

Pascal Welsch

June 12, 2017

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  1. Our existing JVM languages are great, but none of them

    have demonstrated the potential to become the de facto language of choice for a large percentage of JVM developers. - Joe Kutner - Heroku
  2. How I started with Kotlin • Read the documentation •

    Did the Kotlin Kohans • Solved a few coding challenges with kotlin ◦ Google Code Jam ◦ Advent of Code • Kotlin Slack community is very helpful • Convert Java code to learn how to write it in Kotlin
  3. How I started with Kotlin • Started writing new features

    in Kotlin • Migrated code (mostly manually)
  4. • Wohin Du Willst - Android App - live ◦

    Existing project written in java • Nearby Debugger - Android App - live ◦ Small app entirely in kotlin • Internal Technical Prototype - Android App - not released ◦ 98% in kotlin • GitVersioner Plugin - Gradle Plugin - live ◦ Written in kotlin • Current Client Project - Android App - not released ◦ Pure kotlin Last years projects
  5. Gradle Plugin • Fast releases when Android Studio upgrades ◦

    Will get better with the official support • Better use
  6. Kotlin major releases • No pain! • Works 99% on

    day 1 • Long EAP and beta program • Tip: Don’t upgrade on day 1, wait for patch 1 or 2
  7. Mixing Kotlin and Java • Calling back and forth works!

    • NullPointerException still possible when using Java libs • Don’t use retrolambda for Interfaces in Kotlin
  8. Multi dimensional arrays • Manual initialization required was required •

    Kind of a bummer when starting • New initializer function added in Kotlin 1.1
  9. No static • Global variable definitions • Global function definitions

    • Global objects • Companion objects • Except for Java, most languages have a way to declare constants without wrapping them in a class
  10. No SAM conversion for Kotlin interfaces • Solutions: ◦ write

    two methods, one for kotlin, one for Java ◦ Return Unit in Java code ◦ Write Interfaces in Java • Most requested feature in recent developer survey
  11. Annotations processors • Completely unstable. Kapt barely works, only works

    every 5. Release • I stopped using Dagger2 -> Migrated to KoDeIn
  12. Protobuf code generation • compile task order of protobuf plugin

    for doesn’t work with kotlin plugin • Can’t reference Protobuf classes from Kotlin code • Solution: Separate module for Protobuf code required
  13. Bit shifting • Handling low level bits and bytes in

    Java was annoying • It got worse in Kotlin • Extension functions help a lot • Jetbrains is working on better bit shifting syntax and unsigned data types
  14. Public by default • I would prefer internal by default

    • I always forget private for properties
  15. Testing library • I’m still using AssertJ ◦ >5 assertion

    libs out there, non dominates, not really better • Mockito-kotlin helps with generics
  16. Use IntelliJ for non Android projects • AS 2.3 has

    problems running tests for pure kotlin projects
  17. Adoption of Kotlin at grandcentrix • We had a GO

    from management to use Kotlin in all projects one week before it was officially adopted by Google • Now we roll it out in all active projects over the next months • Starting with Unit Tests and new features
  18. Coroutines • Beta in Kotlin 1.1 • Cool idea for

    async/await implementations • Useful for server side code to replace Promises • On Android RxJava is a better fit than coroutines
  19. JVM is stable • I tried Swift with generics and

    got a segmentation fault • I started to love the JVM