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Step up you tooling

Step up you tooling

GitHub, Slack, Jira, SourceTree, Jenkins, Sketch.. RING!, RING! 2015 Called! It want its software stack back.
Remember when you switched from Eclipse to Android Studio? It wasn't easy but totally worth it. To be productive you can't test every new tool out there. At some point you have to stick to what you got and over time you forget about the workarounds you're doing every day.
I did test tons of programs and present you 10 new tools for developers you don't want to miss for a productivity boost. It's time to bump up your software stack!

Pascal Welsch

July 03, 2019

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  1. @passsy - Free unlimited history - Voice only channels -

    Group video calls - Threads - 1000+ integrations - Best in class text messaging Payed features per workspace: - All team members have to pay - Better search - Unlimited history - Group video calls Payed features per user: - Each user decides to pay or not - Animated avatars & emojis - High quality screen sharing - 50mb file size limit (instead of 8mb)
  2. @passsy GitLab features - Free to self-host - Built-in, dockerized

    CI - Slaves implementations for all major platforms - gitlab-runner runs locally!
  3. @passsy - Gantt Charts - out of the box -

    Fantastic search - Overall quicker YouTrack
  4. @passsy - open source - free - Easy to extend,

    i.e. Flutter color format const Color(0xFF24003C)
  5. @passsy > brew cask install <app> alfred android-platform-tools atom bartender

    discord docker dropshare fork Google-chrome haptic-touch-bar jetbrains-toolbox notion pixel-picker slack sourcetree spectacle visual-studio-code