Designing Intelligence Into Everyday Life

Designing Intelligence Into Everyday Life

The ‘internet of things’ moves technology out of our hands and into the environments we inhabit. Rather than devices that constantly demand our attention, technology can be embedded everywhere; invisible until called upon. This creates a new relationship between us, the environments we inhabit, and the technology in those environments. In this session, Paul-Jervis Heath will present two case studies of designing smart environments: the product design of a suite of kitchen appliances that work together to create ambient intelligence; and a concept for the retail store of the future. To conclude he will share a framework for designing intelligent environments.

First presented by Paul-Jervis Heath at UX STRAT Europe 2017. UX STRAT conferences are carefully curated for UX or CX leaders and experienced professionals who want to develop a more strategic approach to their product and service design programs. UX STRAT presentations are case studies about how leaders within the experience design field organize, analyze, innovate, and communicate.

You can read more about our design research with early adopters of smart home devices at:

You can read Modern Human's case study of designing connected kitchen appliances at:

You can read Modern Human's case study of designing intelligent retail environments at:


Paul-Jervis Heath

June 15, 2017