Strategic Service Design for Libraries

15f2b8221f247985a27a627d2ece72f0?s=47 Paul-Jervis Heath
December 04, 2018

Strategic Service Design for Libraries

In this workshop, presented at the Library Assessment Conference 2018, Paul-Jervis Heath focused on applying service design strategically to library services. The workshop showed how service design can be used to invent new services based on deep understanding of library users’ changing needs or improve existing services to better deliver on the strategic priorities of the library.

The material draws on PJ's deep experience of service design in commercial settings and his studio’s work on FutureLib for Cambridge University Libraries. In the workshop he shares a series of case studies from retail, financial services, the public sector and the FutureLib programme to show how service design can be applied strategically in libraries. In a series of practical, hands-on activities the workshop covered:

* using innovative, ethnographic design research to understand library users’ latent needs;
* mapping users’ experiences of libraries;
* creating new library services;
* aligning services to strategic priorities;
* designing great customer service with service blueprints; and
* planning the delivery of future library services using service roadmaps.

Whilst the workshop won't make anyone a service design expert in a single-day, delegates will leave with an understanding of service design techniques (experience mapping, service blueprinting, service roadmaps). They will have applied service design techniques in a series of practical, hands-on activities. Delegates will be able to apply service design strategically in the library context.


Paul-Jervis Heath

December 04, 2018