All you need is tools

All you need is tools

Developers architect apps, write software, develop new features, and attend conferences like WWDC to learn and bring the new exciting features into their apps. To do so, they use Apple’s official tools like Xcode, and open source projects like CocoaPods or Fastlane. Those are powerful tools but designed and optimized to meet the needs of any sort of project: large, small, written in Swift, but also in Objective-C, for solo developers, and for large teams.

When projects start getting far off the standards for which the tools are optimized, the tools and services can turn into a source of issues. Those usually hold the teams back from being productive and delivering a high-quality final product.

In this talk, I talk about why investing effort into developing your own tools is crucial to move on steadily with motivated and productive developers. Furthermore, I'll give attendees some tips to know when is the right time to do such investment, and go through some real examples of impactful tools that my team has developed to bring best practices and conventions across the whole organization.


Pedro Piñera Buendía

June 06, 2019