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Clash of the encyclopedias: is competition good for sharing?

Clash of the encyclopedias: is competition good for sharing?

Presented at SHARISM Forum, 2010.

Brianna Laugher

October 22, 2010

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  1. “There's, in fact, no reason for China to use Wikipedia,

    a service based 'out there'. It's very natural for China to make its own products.” – Baidu's William Chang
  2. “[I]t's very easy for overseas Chinese to accept Hudong.com as

    the 'Wikipedia of China.' […] We think we understand the Chinese language and people better than Wikipedia. We believe we can do a better job.” – Hudong's Haidong Pan
  3. 1. Hudong 2. English Wikipedia 3. Baidu Baike 4. German

    Wikipedia … Chinese Wikipedia World's largest wikis
  4. • Title picture “Fight on snow” from http://www.flickr.com/photos/63766699@N00/225701 1693 by

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  5. thanks! [email protected] [[user:pfctdayelise]] (but you can call me 罗碧琴 :))

    brianna.laugher.id.au/blog/ © Brianna Laugher, licensed CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.