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Zookeepr: home grown conference management software

Zookeepr: home grown conference management software

Presented at PyCon AU 2011.

Brianna Laugher

August 20, 2011

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  1. • web-based conference management system • developed for the annual

    Linux & open source conference, linux.conf.au (LCA) • handles CFP, registration, invoicing, scheduling • licensed under the GPLv2 not quite... O HAI
  2. but also... • Python, etc • Uses Pylons MVC framework

    • ORM: SQL Alchemy • Templates: Mako • DB: usually Postgres • Webserver: usually Apache +mod_wsgi • VCS: Git, Github • Develop/install on: usually Debian/Ubuntu
  3. timeline 2007 2008 2009 2012 2011 2010 • Initial release

    • CFP • Review papers • Registration • Admin controller • Better reports • Inventory system • Volunteer • Static pages • Badge printing • Funding • Social networks • Special offer • Schedule (!!!) • Photo competition • Watch this space...
  4. roles organiser core team papers chair paper reviewer funding reviewer

    miniconf organiser (user) (user + paid => 'attendee') (user + proposal accepted => 'speaker')
  5. admin reports During the CFP: Which potential proposers are allowed

    to submit a late proposal? Which proposers have asked for financial assistance? What are the best proposals according to the papers review committee? Who are speakers – ie, which proposers had talks accepted? During attendee-gathering time: Who has created an account on the website but not yet registered? How many of each type of ticket are we going to allow? Who needs to be reminded that they haven't paid yet? Who said they want to be on the mailing list? Who has signed up/been approved to be a volunteer? How many people have paid so far? During the conference itself or after: Who didn't agree to the A/V release terms? Who has signed up for the partners programme? Which attendees have paid but not yet checked in? Which talks are on In which rooms?
  6. cont. Has so-and-so paid yet? So-and-so lost their invoice and

    needs another one. We need to print out badges for for each paid attendee (with their preferred OS and shell information, of course, and which special extras they have paid for). We need to generate a printed programme with the talk and speaker descriptions. We need some metadata in XML about the talks to put at the start of the videos. How are our attendee registrations per state/country?
  7. contributing to open source why do it? what do you

    get out of it? why an established project? why this project?
  8. attention needed ! testing up-to-date idiomatic Python un-LCA-ification proposal selection

    scheduling (UI) dashboards volunteer management mail merge / attendee lists integrated mobile interface personalised schedule for attendees presentation feedback
  9. getting started Source: https://github.com/zookeepr/zookeepr Mailing list: http://lists.zookeepr.org - zookeepr-devel IRC:

    irc://irc.freenode.org/#zookeepr Issues tracker: https://github.com/zookeepr/zookeepr/issues
  10. credits & thanks • James Iseppi, for sharing a Zookeepr

    presentation he gave to Canberra LUG • zookeepr logo from http://zookeepr.org/ (I don't know who made it but it's freaking adorable!) • screenshots, logos, covers and movie posters are © their respective copyright owners • Zookeeper book from Amazon.com Anything left over can be considered © Brianna Laugher, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license.