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Hacking MediaWiki (for users)

Hacking MediaWiki (for users)

Presented at Linux Users of Victoria usergroup, 2008.

Brianna Laugher

November 05, 2008

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  1. Brianna Laugher Linux Users of Victoria November 2008 meeting Hacking

    MediaWiki (For Users) http://www.mediawiki.org/
  2. • Me: 2005—now Wikimedia editor, Wikimedia Commons administrator ~ 2

    years, frustrated wannabe hacker • You: Use MediaWiki outside of Wikimedia, comfortable with basic editing Who are we?
  3. • MediaWiki/Wikimedia • Wiki structure • Magic words, access levels

    • User JS/CSS – Gadgets • “Uselang” hack Outline
  4. Open­source (GPL) wiki engine software (uses LAMP) MediaWiki Wikimedia MediaWiki

    Name of a social movement; also US charity (Wikimedia Foundation)
  5. “Front” page + talk page • Main, Project, Help •

    Template • Category • Special* • Image, Media* • MediaWiki (* = psuedo namespace) Namespaces Help:Namespaces
  6. Special:Upload Image namespace ­> File (soon!) [[Image:foo.jpg]] to embed [[:Image:foo.jpg]]

    to link to image page, not embed [[Media:foo.jpg]] to link to file directly Images (uploaded files)
  7. “System [interface] messages” Edit MediaWiki: pages to overrride defaults (sysops

    only) Search on Special:Allmessages to find the right message/page MediaWiki namespace Manual:System message
  8. About the sidebar... MediaWiki:Mainpage Main Page Move search box to

    top for usability Delete defaults, Add your own links
  9. Modify an existing one: User:Foo/monobook.css,js Myskin – empty to start

    with Skins – roll your own Your user page Name of skin. Must start with lowercase
  10. Look like {{CAPS TEMPLATES}} Especially used in templates ­ context.

    • Time, revision related • Stats! {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} {{NUMBEROFEDITS}} {{NUMBEROFUSERS}} {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Foo}} Variables Help:Magic words
  11. Special:ListGroupRights • “Anonymous”/IP editor • (registered) User • ­> Autoconfirmed!

    • Sysop (==”admin”) • Bureaucrat • Bot User access levels Manual:User rights
  12. Time ­ $wgAutoConfirmAge Edit count ­ $wgAutoConfirmCount After passing both,

    User automatically graduates to Autoconfirmed (On Wikipedia thought to be ~ 4 days) Autoconfirmed?
  13. Massively simplify user JS/CSS sharing: no more copying user subpages

    MediaWiki:Gadgets­definition ­> New Preferences tab JS/CSS Gadgets Extension:Gadgets
  14. Gadget rec: HotCat Instead of this: [[Category:Melbourne Cricket Ground]] Try

    this: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ MediaWiki:Gadget­HotCat.js
  15. (This is not really recommended...) Use it to make different

    versions of special pages, eg upload form Uselang parameter overrides user language prefs Special:Upload?uselang=fr – I can see the French version of the form without changing my prefs “Uselang” hack http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ Commons:Redesigning_the_upload_form
  16. What if I make a link to Special:Upload?uselang=blah ? For

    each message 'Foo', MW checks • MediaWiki:Foo/blah (localised message) • MediaWiki:Foo (localised default wiki lang message) • MessagesBlah.php file (MW defaults) “Uselang” hack http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ Commons:Redesigning_the_upload_form
  17. • http://mediawiki.org is half­decent now • Still lots of info

    on http://meta.wikimedia.org/ • IRC is popular: irc://irc.freenode.net/mediawiki • MLs: mediawiki-l • Forum: http://mwusers.com/ (unofficial) Support
  18. Questions? Brianna Laugher [email protected] These slides are dual­licensed GFDL1.2+, CC­BY­SA­3.0.

    Screenshots are GFDL/GPL, WMF logo is all rights reserved, MediaWiki logo is public domain. Thankyou! http://brianna.modernthings.org/