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Excessive Enhancement

Excessive Enhancement

We all love to see exciting and innovative "interface shizzle" driven by JavaScript and the ever increasing rendering capabilities of modern browsers, but are we getting these at the expense of the Web? This talk will explore the good, the bad, and the fugly of rich interfaces, while examining how and why we should take care not to damage the Web.

This talk was originally given at http://2011.full-frontal.org in Brighton, UK

Phil Hawksworth

November 12, 2011

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  1. a history of great talks at full frontal javascript &

    browser technologies @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  2. browser shizzle can do animation can do 3D effects can

    do dynamic data visualisations @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  3. ...so preoccupied with whether they could that they didn't stop

    to think if they should - Dr. Ian Malcolm @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  4. Eaten by dinosaurs eaten by dinosaurs (possibly while on the

    toilet) @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  5. the uri is the thing another uber-doodle about the web

    by @psd of @solderpad @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  6. care more about the sex appeal ...than the fundamentals of

    the web @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  7. http://beetle.de a rich user experience open Web technologies ...and why

    I think it sucks @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  8. ...so preoccupied with whether they could that they didn't stop

    to think if they should - Dr. Ian Malcolm @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  9. @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf that is really rather a lot of http

    requests for a web site about a car. - Dr. Ian Malcolm
  10. twitter.com is not a web site (except of course it

    is) @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  11. twitter.com is not a web site (except of course it

    is) @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  12. when did it get so hard to crawl the web?

    what does it take to write a good crawler? @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  13. just a demo the biggest danger is when that demo

    mentality leaks into production websites @brucelawson @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
  14. we've been here before "it looks like you're making a

    snazzy web site..." would you like me to bollocks it up for you? @philhawksworth #fullfrontalconf
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