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Boring Technologies

Boring Technologies

We are drowning ourselves in complex software. Time to rethink our technology stack



December 30, 2021

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  1. Pierre Goudjo Boring Technologies

  2. Let’s start with an obvious, indisputable truth

  3. So ft ware is eating the world Marc Andreessen

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  5. There is also a reality nobody likes facing

  6. Nobody likes dealing with legacy code

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  9. None
  10. Why?

  11. Truth is, most business so ft wares are not that

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  13. The original code wasn’t written to cope with changes, making

    updates very di ff i cult
  14. How do we turn devs from

  15. How do we turn devs from

  16. How do we turn devs from

  17. How do we turn devs from

  18. By alleviating complexity

  19. There are two root causes of so ft ware complexities

  20. Complexity inherent to your domain Essential complexity

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  22. None
  23. Complexity due to the platforms and tools you are using

    or depend on Accidental complexity
  24. None
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  26. There is no silver bullet to alleviate complexity

  27. But you can,

  28. 1 
 Embrace your domain complexity

  29. None
  30. 2 
 Keep that accidental complexity in check

  31. None
  32. 3 
 Carefully select your dependencies

  33. Choose Boring Technologies™

  34. None
  35. Tools that get the least in your way of achieving

    business goals
  36. Boring ≠ Bad

  37. Simple - Proven - Reliable

  38. None
  39. So we can’t have fun anymore?

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  45. @pierregoudjo The End