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The 5 stars of Open Data Portals

The 5 stars of Open Data Portals

The 5 stars of Open Data Portals are a way to tell policy makers and civil servants what technical people expect from an Open Data Portal. In too many cases we have policies setting up a portal without anything happening afterwards. From now on, you will be able to ask these policies: does your Open Data Portal reach the 5 stars?

Pieter Colpaert

October 17, 2013

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  1. The 5 stars of Open Data Portals ELIS - Multimedia

    Lab Ghent University - MMLab - MICT - iMinds 17th of October 2013
  2. ★ A dataset registry ELIS - Multimedia Lab A list

    of links to data about your government
  3. ★★ A meta-data provider ELIS - Multimedia Lab Structure the

    meta-data to serve a better data registry Make the meta-data Open Data
  4. ELIS - Multimedia Lab Distributed version control Process machine readable

    feedback Track provenance Cfr. distributed version control in open source software management
  5. The 5 stars of Open Data Portals ELIS - Multimedia

    Lab ★ A dataset registry ★★ A meta-data provider ★★★ A co-creation platform ★★★★ A data publishing platform ★★★★★ A common data hub Does your data portal reach 5 stars?
  6. Contact Pieter Colpaert ([email protected]) Department of Electronics and Information Systems

    Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Ghent University – iMinds Gaston Crommenlaan 8 bus 201 B-9050 Ledeberg-Ghent, Belgium T: +32 9 33 14911 URL: http://multimedialab.elis.ugent.be ELIS - Multimedia Lab
  7. ELIS - Multimedia Lab Why 5 stars? Great tool for

    opening up 1 dataset cfr. 5 stars of Linked Open Data by TBL