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Pretia Technologies Company Brochure ~Message to the future leaders of Pretia~

Pretia Technologies Company Brochure ~Message to the future leaders of Pretia~

This is the English version of our company brochure, targeted at those considering joining our team.
Please kindly take a look at it and send your application via the link below.
We’re greatly looking forward to hearing from you!


Pretia Technologies, Inc.

August 04, 2021

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  1. Company Name Pretia Technologies Inc. CEO Yu Ushio Founded ��

    July ���� �� *As of November ���� Amount Raised Cumulative Total: ~� billion yen Location �-�-� Nishi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo Sumitomo Fudosan Osaki Garden Tower �F TUNNEL TOKYO Employee Count About Us 3
  2. At Pretia we believe that “collaborative achievement” is how humans

    can attain the happiest moments in life. Our mission at Pretia is to spread AR technology to support human achievement. We aim for a world where we can create the possiblity of “collaborative achievement” with anyone, anywhere in the world. The AR platform 'Pretia' was released worldwide in ����, and we are continuing to evolve towards our goal of being used all over the world, starting in Japan. On the other hand, the AR market is still in it’s infancy, and we feel that it is largely in our own hands to give shape to what people want. We are looking forward to working with you in this field of AR, to help us fulfill our insatiable curiosity to "empower collaborative achievement" by making this world a more enjoyable, efficient, and convenient place. I still remember how excited I was when I first encountered augmented reality (AR) during my university years. I saw great potential in AR as a method to harness the power of digital technology to create physical experiences. My interest went to solving social tasks, and I started my own business with the theme of supporting local administration. I came into contact with many locals and heard their interest in wanting more young people to visit their local area. At the time, playgrounds such as bowling alleys and cafés for young people were disappearing rapidly in my area. I wondered, “instead of relying on physical facilities, could we use the power of AR to efficiently create completely new content?” At that time, AR, which uses the power of software to generate physical human flow, was combined with an awareness of social issues, leading to the current AR platform concept. CEO Yu Ushio Establishment Story 4
  3. How AR Will Change Society The AR market* is estimated

    to be worth USD �� billion by ����. AR has the potential to transform any domain. 5 Tourism Retail Manufacturing Insurance Banking Construction Supply Chain Education Healthcare Entertainment Advertising Augmented Reality Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report By Component (Hardware, Software), By Display (Head-Mounted Display & Smart Glass, Head-Up Display, Handheld Devices), By Application, By Region, And Segment Forecasts, ���� - ����*Last Access: ����/��/�� (https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/augmented-reality-market) Worldwide Augmented and Virtual Reality Spending Guide *Last Access:����/�/�� https://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=IDC_P�����
  4. Business Areas & Business Models Aiming to be a platformer

    in the long term while building business pillars in Entertainment and Solution 6 Non-Developer Customers AR Developers & Game Studios Data Technology Revenue Service Revenue Service
  5. Revenue Time 2017 2023 2027 Entertainment SaaS Platform Entertainment-driven Platform-driven

    SaaS Company Growth Strategy Expand businesses in the domain of entertainment, SaaS and platforms in line with the AR market growth 5
  6. We believe in the tremendous power of bringing people together

    beyond devices. Sharing time together in the real-world, and working towards a goal with people you care about is the key to leading a happy, fulfilling life. With the rise of AR technology, we envision a world where any physical location becomes a space for all kinds of shared experi- ences. Allowing people to collaborate and enjoy a sense of achievement at any time, any place, with anyone. Today, we’re here to shape the future. Mission: Empower Collaborative Achievement 8
  7. Starting from the question "Is it for the happiness of

    the user?" in order to provide intrinsic value Focusing on delivering great results both to individuals and to society as a whole Continue to make tough decisions and take risks to realize real value without fear of criticism Immediately implement and get feedback with proper strategy and planning to bring good results Grow True Happiness Produce Meaningful Impact Be Courageous Execute Fast Seek Fairness Express your views frankly to peers. Listen to input from members, make own decisions and take responsibility Value 9
  8. Jason VP of Engineering Members 10 Global Hiring started five

    years ago. We have an elite team of members from around the world. Yu CEO An engineer and manager for robotics, home automation, and video streaming services with cutting edge technologies. Ryo Business Developer KunChun R&D Engineer Yanuar Software Engineer Moeko HR Yoshikazu Administration Taiju Product Manager Sid Product Manager Masaaki UI/UX Designer Worked as a policy consultant, then founded an AR business. Mainly in charge of strategic alliances and sales at Pretia. Worked for Accenture. Experi- ence in business planning, strategy formulation, and de- livery operations. Worked for Acer Inc. and HTC, in the VR department involved in the creation of the Vive Cosmos VR headset. Worked as a network engineer at a game company. Oversees the multi-player experience infrastructure of Pretia. Career started as an engineer. Worked at a Silicon Valley IT company before joining Sony to launch the PlayStation �. Former Nintendo director with around �� years of experience in development including XR games. Past Nintendo UI/UX director in mainly UI development of hardware built-in settings, menus, and unit functions. Over �� years of administrative experience, mainly in the field of finance and accounting. After working in marketing & sales at DeNA, joined a ven- ture in the Philippines as a manager of global teams.
  9. Organization 11 An engineer-centered organisation where the official language of

    the company is English. Creating an organisation that transcends nationality and language in pursuit of the best technology. 43% Japan 3% Italy 3% Hong Kong 3% Philippines 3% Thailand 3% Australia 3% China 3% Colombia 3% Argentina 3% UK 3% Egypt 3% Malaysia 3% India 3% Indonesia 6% America 9% Taiwan 3% Mexico R&D Engineer 12.5% Designer 12.5% Business 25% Administration 9.4% So tware Engineer 40.6% About ��% are foreign nationals More than half are engineers Profession Nationality
  10. 13 Using technology for embedding AR content in space, an

    application de- velopment tool that embeds �D content in space that can be played by multiple people simultaneously is called ”AR Cloud”. It can also be used for industrial applications such as bringing realism to various types of play such as multiple-player games, dialogue with characters, solving riddles, etc., and activating communication facilitation in distant areas. What is “AR Cloud?” The development of the “AR Cloud” requires the use of spatial recogni- tion technology to refine self-position estimation and the training of machine learning algorithms to determine position and orientation in real time. To find people skilled in the field of computer vision that makes this possible, we began recruiting from around the world five years ago and are currently building a global R&D team. Our own R&D team from all over the world Our Core Technology Bringing global researchers together to create an “AR Cloud” with core spatial recognition algorithms.
  11. AR Cloud Platform "Pretia" Cloud-based development platform incorporating VPS and

    multi-player for rapid development of high-quality AR applications. Platform 14
  12. AR Puzzle Game In-house AR games Collaboration with IP Companies

    Collaborations: Shogakukan, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Port and Harbour, NHN, KADOKAWA, The Ginza (Shiseido subsidiary), etc. Entertainment & Media 15 Creating new entertainment using AR Collaboration with some of the most famous titles and major companies in Japan
  13. AR Video Calling “MetaAssist” AR Try On AR Advertising This

    application service aids remote customers with machine repair and assembly, utilizing two visual navigation tools: the Pen Tool for drawing AR signs in space and the Hand Tool for displaying watermarked instructions. *MetaAssist is Pretia Technologies’ trademark. Hand Tool Pen Tool AR try-on function for online shopping is being developed for apparel companies, with the aim of increasing the purchase rate on e-commerce sites by incorporating the AR try-on function. Developed and provided selfie photo frame content that customers can experience after purchasing a product; in operation for more than one year Solution 16 We offer AR solutions for manufacturing and retail industries, beyond just entertainment. We pursue the goal to meet market demand, promote social implementation of AR, and increase the platform’s value.
  14. To make it happen Platform Support AR creators and promote

    AR Entertainment / Solution Create our own AR case studies The World We Want to Achieve 18 AR helps people succeed in many areas More "Play" in the real world Helping Students Learn "As They Play" Helping Businesses "Play”
  15. Relationship Between the � Divisions 19 In the medium term,

    we will build and improve the AR platform while playing a role in the social diffusion of AR in Entertainment & Solution. In the long term, we will make the Platform a core business. E&M Revenue from users PLAT License income SOL SaaS business model Core technology Core technology Apply tech and UX assets Development Needs/AR Users t
  16. Use Case First Domain Strategy Reason Platform Division Ent &

    Media Division Solution Division IP First Enterprise First The data and algorithms used in AR vary depending on the challenges faced by each industry and domain. We aim to be No.� by creating niche use cases that are tailored to our cus- tomers, and from there we will develop and expand various use cases. One of the meanings and significance of "from Japan" is to make use of Japanese content loved by people all over the world. Japan is one of the world's most demanding countries when it comes to quality. While being chosen as a partner for large Japanese companies, we are expanding our top-quality prod- ucts to the world. Survival Strategies: The � “Firsts” 20
  17. All tech companies are going through a phase of "cre-

    ating an AR platform". Pretia believes that the value of the platform lies not only in the platform itself, but also in the "developer community" that is created from it. We hope that the community will inspire and give inspiration to the creation of great AR products. Working at Pretia means taking on the challenge of developing a technology platform that will be used around the world in the future. It also means that you will be able to experience on the front lines the development know-how and com- munity management with supporters around the world. You will create your own new value, not some- thing that already exists. It will be an irreplaceable experience. ※参考: “Asia-Pacific Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market by Technology, Component, Device Type, Industry Vertical, End-user, and Country ����-����: Trend Forecast and Growth Opportunity” by Grace Market Data, ����年�月 Journey of Platform 22 2019 2026 �� billion yen Trends and forecasts for the Japanese AR software market Provide an experience of growing a technology platform used by creators around the world
  18. The AR domain, and the AR entertainment and gaming domain,

    does not yet have its standard in the world. We believe that any service is only as good as the content it provides to users. By working at Pretia, you will gain the experience of constantly thinking about creating AR content that generates new emotions for everyone to use in the world, and thinking through how to deliver new value to the world. The engineers at Pretia are some of the most elite in the world, and you will have the opportunity to experience the cutting edge of the AR industry, creating emotions and experiences that people have not yet experienced. The experience of creating content that everyone in the world knows about using AR, a technology that appeals to emo- tions, will be an experience that will move you in a way nothing else can. ※参考: “Asia-Pacific Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Market by Technology, Component, Device Type, Industry Vertical, End-user, and Country ����-����: Trend Forecast and Growth Opportunity” by Grace Market Data, ����年�月 Journey of Entertainment & Media 23 ��.�% ��.�% ��.�% �.�% ��.�% Entertainment&Media Game Others Retail Manufacturing Size of the entertainment business in the AR market Provide an opportunity to create entertainment that is a turning point of the times with the best creators
  19. The use of AR is not limited to entertainment: we

    will also promote the use of AR in the context of 'DX' for companies. We believe that promoting commercial use plays a role in bringing AR and the world even closer together. The Solution team may be the closest place to link the development of technology with social implementation. At Pretia, AR x SaaS will be the business driver in the medium term. We are still at the stage where we are thinking about new services, how to design products for launch and how to deliver value to customers, almost from scratch. Your experience at Pretia will provide you with comprehensive growth opportuni- ties, from launching a new business to building the organisation and growing the product. *����, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, DX Report - Overcoming the IT systems '���� cliff' and full-scale deployment of DX. *����, Fuji Chimera Research Institute, "Digital Transformation (DX) Domestic Market Research Results" *����, IDC Japan, "Forecast on global digital transformation spending" Journey of Solution 24 Provide opportunities to drive growth in businesses transforming industries Facts about DX If DX does not progress in Japan, economic losses of �� trillion JPY are predicted every year from ���� onwards (it is called '���� cliff'). The DX market in Japan is worth ��� billion JPY and is forecast to exceed � trillion yen by ����. In the global DX market, the global DX market is growing by ��.�% in ����
  20. We are looking to expand our business worldwide! CEO Yu

    Ushio CFO Admin Solution VP of Solution Engineering Manager VP of Ent & Med Engineering Manager VP of Platform Open Open Open Open Open Open Engineering Manager HR Manager Administration Manager Entertainment & Media Platform CTO Future Organisation Chart 25 Product Manager, Manufacturing Product Manager, Retail Product Manager Product Manager
  21. Grade Junior � Middle � Middle � CXO Problem Definition

    & Solving Expertise Courage Process & Execution Professionalism Happiness Team First Honest Self Awareness Junior � Middle � Senior � Senior � Manager/Staff � Manager/Staff � Manager/Principal VP/Fellow L� L� L� L�� L� L� L� L� L� L� L�� L�� <Excerpts from the grade definitions> “Take responsibility for organising Team first” L� : Commit to the outcomes of the larger organisation and the engagement and growth of each individual beyond their own team. Identify assignments not only for your own team, but also for other teams and for each individual, and take concrete action while in- volving all parties involved. Through this attitude, foster Team First values in those around you. L�: Commit to team results and individual engagement and growth. Identify assignments and take specific action for the team as a whole and for each individual. “Building the best team” L�: Influence beyond your area of responsibility and contribute to building the best team possible, recognised by other teams L�: Beyond your own interests, take responsibility for the experience and growth of all members and make a tangible contribution to building the best team possible. “Be a role model for D&I” L�: Respect diversity, listen to different opinions and at the same time take concrete actions to create an inclusive culture Evaluation System 26 Assessed using verbalised grade definitions to a level where self-assessment is possible
  22. Careers that Accompany Diverse Lives 27 UI/UX Designer Fully remote

    from Hokkaido. Comes to the office about once a quarter, with expenses covered by the company. HR Manager Three meals per remote work- day with a partner. After work, she trains in Splatoon � to the S-rank with her husband. Engineer Lives near the sea and after work he explores and does hobbies. His recent passions are ukulele and excersizing. Admin Manager Raising children with both partners. The team covers and flexibly responds to sudden illness or pick-up of children. Lead Engineer Returned to home country, Indonesia upon childbirth. Plans to take several months of parental leave. R&D Manager A manager who doesn’t speak Japanese. Stayed in Taiwan for several months after marriage and teleworked. Members put their families first in their careers. Employee Family Structures With children Marriage rate ��% ��%
  23. *Excluding some positions AR Base A fully equipped lab with

    AR devices is available Growth Session Organising AR product workshops as in-house study groups One Pretia Work with AR professionals from all over the world Language Study Support Partial subsidies for language learning in English or Japanese Mechanisms for Fostering Organisational Culture 29 AR Grant Encourage members to try new ARs by subsidizing costs
  24. Systems for Producing the Best "AR Specialists" 30 Every Friday,

    the office day is held in a rented meeting room in Tokyo, where the weekly "Achievement" is reported across the business units. Demonstrations of new functions are also held. Weekly Wins-Session/Office Hours Semi-annual workshops and recreational activities are held with full remote members as well. Pretia Camp Internal hackathons are held on a regular basis, where members of the company, regardless of whether they are Business/Engineer, try out ideas for solving business assignments and internal products themselves. Pretia Internal Hackathon
  25. Office Hours Welfare Program Holidays and Leave • Flexible hours

    system • Social security • Help w/ book purchases • PC provided • Latest AR/VR devices • Subsidy for attending XR events • English/Japanese study subsidy • Two days off per week (Sat, Sun, national holidays) • Year-end and New Year (�� Dec - � Jan) • Statutory leave • Summer holiday (� days between � July and �� Sept.) • Birthday leave (� day in the month of the birthday) • Celebration or condolence leave • Menstrual leave • Special leave (� days granted on joining the company, valid for � months) Benefits and Working Environment 31
  26. Pretia Technologies is a team that aims to continue being

    the pioneer of the AR market in Japan and the world. The greatest value of AR is "unlocking human potential". For example, it can go beyond the limitations of physical abilities. It can continue to satisfy curiosity regardless of where the body is located. It can benefit from information and education without being confined to the country or environment of birth. Using AR technology, we aim to bring out both the spiritual and physical potential of people by not giving up the simple curiosity, passion, and imagination that people are born with. To achieve this dream, we are first excited to fight in this area. Would you like to become a stakeholder and a witness to history in the still developing AR market? CEO, Yu Ushio For our future talents, 32