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Friction points in product marketing

Friction points in product marketing

Product Marketing Alliance

January 06, 2021

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  1. Common Areas of Friction + Pop Culture References 1. Building

    product knowledge 2. Clarifying responsibilities and challenging perceptions 3. Navigating a highly collaborative environment 4. Attributing business impact to marketing
  2. Tesla Truck Demonstration by CEO Elon Musk 1. Product Knowledge

    and Technical Skill Can you walk the walk? • Listen to a sales pitch • Get the scoop from product • Seek out internal training opportunities • Test your knowledge • Meet your customers
  3. Women’s World Cup Final Champions 2019 2. Responsibilities and Roles

    Aren’t we on the same team? • Write out your responsibilities and objectives • Understand what others are responsible for • Develop a team charter • Share your work
  4. Bravo’s Top Chef 3. Collaborating with Multiple Stakeholders Are there

    too many cooks in the kitchen? • Anticipate conflict • Have empathy • Focus on facts and data • Align to a common goal
  5. 4. Attribution We are the champions? • Leverage benchmarks and

    set goals • Invest in a foundation • Share your wins 1997 Chicago Bulls NBA Finals Champions